Which Treatments Work Best To Fight Obesity?

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There is recognized to be overlap between obesity and different forms of eating disorders, including binge-eating, anorexia and bulimia. Despite the fact that obesity is not labelled as an eating disorder, it is clear that symptoms and underlying factors as well as maintenance factors are often similar.

Self-Help For Treating Obesity in Men

Male sufferers of obesity who do not have access to or do not wish to seek professional support may benefit from a variety of self-help approaches. Regular exercise will help the body speed up weight distribution when combined with a healthy, balanced diet. Cutting out take-aways, reducing alcohol consumption and simple strategies such as walking up stairs rather than using the elevator will all make a difference.

There are also many forms of 12-step support groups available and Over-Eaters Anonymous (OA) may be a valuable source of support particularly for those who engage in binge-eating behaviors in addition to suffering from obesity. Within the 12-step approach, one will usually pair up with a sponsor or mentor who is further down the road in recovery and will help one understand how the 12 steps work and act as a support for a period of time.

In the early stages where the individual may struggle with weight-bearing forms of exercise alternatives such as swimming may be a good place to start.

Psychological Treatments For Males Suffering From Obesity

For men who feel they would benefit from having some professional help and support to change there are several different options in terms of psychological approaches to treatment. Three different therapeutic methods have been identified as beneficial for those affected by obesity including cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational enhancement therapy and interpersonal therapy.

These therapies will usually involve one to one therapy sessions on a weekly basis for approximately 50 minutes often over a set period of time. Cognitive behavioral therapy, often referred to as CBT, focuses on how thoughts and feelings impact behavior while interpersonal therapy is more aimed at skills used to improve one’s relationships. Motivational enhancement therapy or MET is used as an additional approach and is recognized as key factor in helping sufferers to both achieve and maintain recovery goals.

Medical Approaches To Treating Obesity in Men

Ideally, alternatives to medical approaches to obesity treatment such as self-help tools and therapeutic interventions should be tried prior to opting for this approach, although this is often not the case. Examples of medical approaches involved in treating obesity include the following: medication used to prevent fat absorption, medication to suppress appetite, gastric band and stomach bypass. If you don’t want to go down this route, you can try products like Gynexol, Garcinia, and Hydroxycut to see if these work for you.

However, these treatments all involve an element of risk, thus requiring careful monitoring and especially in the case of surgical interventions should not be entered into lightly.

Clearly there are a variety of options available to those struggling with obesity and/or binge-eating disorders. For information on additional therapies, medical interventions and especially prior to embarking on a weight loss program it is advisable to seek medical advice.

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