How To Travel To Singapore In A Budget?

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Singapore, and going on a budget may seem to be too different ends of the spectrum. Everybody knows that Singapore is one of the most expensive cities across the world and possibly the most expensive in the Southeast Asia region. So, unless you end up selling your blood, or look to take on any kind of illegal activity when you are in Singapore, spending exorbitantly, while enjoying the throes of Singapore may seem to be out of reach. By the way, are you going to Singapore for a company event and in charge of hiring people from Singapore to represent your company, here is the best site to find models in Singapore.

1st time in Singapore?

However, for all the hardships that Singapore has for the people with a limited amount of money, there are also a lot of options for most of the budget travelers to enjoy and Singapore. There are different kinds of people that visit Singapore, and most of them do not have a lot of money in their hands in order to celebrate their vacation in this expensive city.

So, what can be done in order to enjoy Singapore on a strict budget?

  • Purchase a transportation card in Singapore, and travel all throughout the city without having to pay any more money. This is like a lifeline for people that would want to travel all throughout Singapore, at all odd hours, without having to worry about public transportation not being there, or the fact that they would have to spend a lot of money in order to travel from one point to the other. In case your transportation card runs out of credit, you will be able to add credit to it pretty easily.
  • Unlike most of the other countries in the south-east region of Asia, the water that you find in the Singapore is relatively safer for you to drink. This is actually pretty good news, as models of water are pretty expensive in Singapore. If you do not go around carrying a bottle, try and purchase a small bottle of water, empty the water, and then refill them for free in hotels or even from your tap.
  • The food halls of Singapore are blessed with some of the most wonderful food that you can purchase at a strict budget. The quality is not at par with five-star restaurants, but you would definitely find them delicious, particularly if you are a person that is an adventurous about your food. Most of the food can be enjoyed at a very small price, and you end up getting a wide selection of cuisine.
  • When in Singapore, and do your best to not smoke or drink. It is not merely for health reasons, but because of the fact that Singapore has an exorbitant amount of money associated with smoking and drinking alcohol, something which will definitely scare you from not doing so. The budget travelers would instead be wiser to purchase alcohol from the nearest convenience store, and then drink it in their own private quarters.

Although, traveling through Singapore is not a problem, one has to remember that money will run out if you keep on spending it without any thought about the future.

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