Saving a Document in Writer: Comparing Writer to Microsoft Word

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No comments’s Writer can create the same documents commonly created in Microsoft Word. Once created, those documents should be saved if intended for future use. Saving a document in Writer is very similar to Word and has the same considerations.

Ways to Save a Document

  • From the main menu, click File > Save or click File > Save As
  • Click Save button (looks like a floppy disk) on Standard toolbar
  • Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S to Save or Ctrl + Shift + S for Save As

Just as in Word, if a document is new and has never been saved, the Save As dialog box will appear the first time only. The Save As dialog box has the same considerations in Writer and Word: Location, File Name and File Type.

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Location (Save in)

Deciding where to save a document is very important. Saving to a location that is meaningful and intuitive will save time later when trying to find the document later. Writer offers a default location to save documents, which can be changed. To choose another location to save the document, click the down-pointing triangle to the right of the Save in list box. This displays a list of choices. Click the drive and folder(s) where the document is to be saved.

File Name

Naming a file is important as well. The document should be given a meaningful name that reveals the content. Just calling a document “My Stuff” is not very helpful.

File Type (save as Type)

In what file format should this document be saved? Writer has its own default file format with the file extension .odt. When a document is saved in this file format it can be read by anyone that uses OpenOffice Writer, however, it cannot be opened by anyone using Microsoft Word. The file type can be changed by clicking on the down-pointing arrow to the right of the save as type list box then selecting the desired type. This way, a document created in Writer can be shared with those who have Word but not Writer.

If the document is to only be shared with a Word user and then discarded, only save in Word format. For files that need future edits, it is recommended that the document be first saved in Writer (.odt) format so that there is an original file to return to. A document can be muddied up if switching back and forth between file types, so it is always good practice to keep the original document in Writer format.

Before clicking the save button, consider the check boxes at the bottom of the dialog.

  • Automatic file extension – is helpful for this box to be checked as it will identify the individual files as OpenOffice documents when searching My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  • Save with password – only available when saving a document in Writer format. Password must be a minimum of five characters. Be careful! If this password is lost it is really lost!

If preferred, could also set up the document to be automatically saved

From the main menu select Tools > Options. The Options window will appear.

Select Load/Save > General

Click on Save AutoRecovery information every – then choose the amount of time to automatically save the document (default is 30 minutes).

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