Pros And Cons Of Powder Coating

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Powder coating is basically a mixture of pigments that have been cooked together and grounded so that they can create a powder-like substance which can be added or rather spray-painted onto a surface. The painting is done by the electrostatic spraying nozzle, which will be able to blast the powder on the particular surface. There is a certain amount of charge attached to the electrostatic spray, and when it comes in contact with the material, it will be able to form a very protective chemical bond. It can protect the surface much better than most of the other products that you find in the market.

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Advantages of using powder coating:

  • The primary advantage to the use of powder coating is the fact that it is environment friendly. It will be able to stop the abuse of the resources, and you would be able to make a better choice of having the proper coating done to the material. Moreover, it is much better in terms of longevity pertaining to the liquid coating that has been the norm for quite a while. Moreover, this particular process does not use any volatile compounds and therefore does not create any kind of sludge, which is harmful. It is also a fact that it does not produce any kind of waste materials, and any kind of wastage during the powder coating process can be easily recycled so that it does not pollute the natural resources.
  • The cost of powder coating is also very within the realms of possibilities for people that have a limited amount of income. What this means is that one would be able to get a better coating of protection on the material without having to worry about spending a lot of money like the liquid coating solution.

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Disadvantages of using powder coating:

  • One major disadvantage with the powder coating is that if there is no electricity at that particular moment, the powder coating will not take place. Therefore, it is susceptible to the vagaries of electricity, and without it, you would not be able to get any kind of work done in terms of powder coating.
  • Powder coating also requires a certain amount of expertise, and therefore you want the experts and professionals that have had a lot of experience for the powder coating job. Inexperienced people would not be able to do a good job, and you would end up with a bad product.

Most people make use of powder coating due to the different ways in which it will be able to provide longevity to the surface of the product without any kind of issues or problems. Moreover, it comes across as a wonderful product that has a pure metallic color and does not create any kind of issues in the context of using the product at all scenarios. The bond of the powder coating is a lot better than the liquid coating.

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