Problems And Solutions Of Powder Coating

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Powder coatings which are metallic are decorative in nature so as to provide protective finishes to metal products. They can be found in a wide range of colors, which can be applied to a single product, or they can also be coated in various places of the product to enhance the finish in a unique manner. The metallic powder coatings also contain mica particulate matter that can provide the coatings with a shiny appearance. These are the flakes which have an extremely freestanding component, in which there is a homogeneous blend with the base color, the powder is referred to as a blended powder. It is available in hybrid, urethane, as well as epoxy variants. Read more about the different powders at

The primary problems faced by the dry powders are basically with the consistency of the color as well as the limited penetration in different areas. Moreover, they also has a very limited reliability when it comes to the recycling prowess of the product. The dry blending powder can be applied by making use of a spray gun that has a very flat nozzle. The mica particulates can also process the bonding very easily, as the entire surface will be covered with the powder. Generally speaking, when the metallic powder comes in contact with the surface of the product, it will be firmly attached through a chemical bond, but in most of the cases, it can mess up the entire finish.

Going for the mica powder can seem to be justifiable, as it is readily recyclable as well. However, it does not provide a perfect color, and after recycling, it looks less than perfect. It does not have a better penetration, while at the same time the transfer efficiency is not that good. Therefore, by simply replacing the mica powder with a bonded powder, you would be able to get a lot more penetration, and a whole new range of color.

The metallic powders also have a few drawbacks, the first of them being that they have a tendency to start looking weathered after a certain period of time. Loading of the metallic powders also require a pretty high voltage, and it would end up creating a big problem if you are not accustomed to handling such a high voltage. Therefore, in order to get rid of this problem, you would simply need to reduce any kind of loading by making use of a special spray, and not make use of excessive metal within the powder.

Using excessive metallic powders can also cause fires in the booth. Having powder coatings that have unique blends like polymers is the answer to that problem. It is easy on the pockets and will be able to provide a protective coating within no time. Moreover, these powders can also be used for any kind of appliances and equipment.

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