How To Make An Income Selling Berries?

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Unless you happen to own a very big farm, making money through agriculture may seem to be a bit of a pipe dream. However, with advanced technology and a lot more information about how cultivation can be done on small properties, a lot of people are now taking to making an income through agricultural produce. For little plants like the strawberry bushes, one can get an amazing quantity of food. According to the large farms in California, they get about 25 tons of fruit every acre, which would end up translating into a lot of revenue for you, particularly for edible berries.

The farms in California has a total revenue of about $ 400 million every year, and there are a lot of strawberry growers that end up making profits up about thousands of dollars from extremely small operations. However, that does not in any way signify that you end up making the same amount of profit margin. It is only because they have gained a lot of insight, and already have knowledge about strawberry plantation and all the other necessary things in order to succeed in this job that they are making such a profit. In the first year itself, you would not be even close to making back your invested amount.

However, do not lose heart, as there are a lot of people that have been making a considerable amount of money starting from a three-year gap from their invested year. This takes into account the overall cost of planting the strawberry, as well as any kind of amendment that needs to be done to the soil along with the purchase of planting equipment. It may take a few years for you to recoup, but after that, it is all profit down the line.

The first way for you to make money through strawberry plantation is to ensure that you minimize any kind of help necessary. That includes farmhand, which is basically needed when it comes to picking the strawberries. Instead, you can go for mechanized picking equipment like the strawberry U picks, which are widely used in smaller places, while at the same time avoiding a lot of harvesting charges. The best part about the U pick is that it can also be rented, and therefore you need not have to worry about putting a lot of your money on the purchase of farm equipment that would be lying idle for the better part of the year.

It is always an important idea for you to also check up on the potential customer base that you have in and around your area of agriculture. You do not want to spend a ton of money on the shipping charges, which only ends up eating into your profit at the end of the day. Moreover, the more your produce is on the road, the more will there be a degradation of the quality of your produce. At the end of the day, it would be a tough task for you to make money, unless you end up preparing yourself for all eventualities.

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