Improve Wireless Internet Connection Speed: Slow Connectivity to the Internet? Troubleshoot Issues and Fix Lag

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Laptop wireless Internet connections are less reliable than hardwired systems. If the user has a wireless network in the home, sometimes the system slows, random disconnects occur and game play is interrupted. There are some troubleshooting steps that can be taken to improve a laptop’s wireless Internet connection speed when problems arise.

Purchase a Router with a Hi-Gain Antenna

There are two kinds of wireless router antennas: omni-directional and hi-gain. An omni-directional antenna is installed in most common household routers. These antennas broadcast signals in all directions, so a router placed in the corner of a room loses some of its signal strength when it’s focused in one area of the home.

An omni-directional router focuses the signal in one direction, so there is less loss of signal strength. Purchase a corner router with a hi-gain antenna to improve signal strength.

Install a Wireless Repeater

For large houses or offices, a wireless repeater improves the strength of a signal to each computer. A repeater strengthens a laptop wireless connection when it is placed at the halfway mark between the router and the machine. The repeater takes a signal from the router, increases its strength and retransmits it to other areas of the home or office. This improves the signal so that laptops and other wireless machines on the network do not suffer from slow speeds due to signal degradation.

Avoid Wireless Phones that Use 5.4 GHz Frequency

According to Microsoft, the best wireless frequencies are 5.8 GHz or 900MHz. A frequency is a channel of communication. Similar to a radio station in your car, a frequency channel is used to transmit signals from a router to a laptop. Using common frequencies such as those used for wireless phones can lead to interference and degradation in the signal. Routers come with the ability to change the default channel. Home and office users can change that channel to lower the rate of interference and signal degradation.

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Purchase Router and Network Hardware from a Single Manufacturer

Some local networking companies such as Linksys, D-link and Netgear sell routers and network cards. This makes it easy to connect a small network and avoids some issues. It also improves compatibility by offering boosting capability between the router and the network card. For instance, Linksys offers SpeedBooster, which is the manufacturer’s speed boost for wireless networks that use the company’s technology.

As home networks become more affordable, the option to use wireless technology in the home is more common. The first step is configuring a Linksys router, but afterwards poor connectivity can lead to slowness issues. Use these techniques to speed up the connection of any home or small office network.

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