Frances Ford Coppola on The View

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The co-hosts of The View discussed hot topics such as the Tony Awards, twitter, romantic date nights, and schools paying students for good grades before interviewing Frances Ford Coppola.

The women of The View talked about multiple hot topics and interviewed the director of The Godfather, Frances Ford Coppola.

Hot Topics

Whoopi Goldberg announced that North Korea sentenced Laura Ling and Euna Lee to twelve years of hard labor for hostility toward Korean people. Euna Lee has a four year old daughter. The women agreed that they may be used as a bargaining tool with the United States. Joy Behar said that she was shocked by the sentencing.

The View co-hosts discussed the Tony Awards that were hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Billy Elliot won ten Tony awards. Joy said that she wants to see Next to Normal after watching Alice Ripley’s performance at the Tony Awards.

Sherri Shepherd announced that she got herself into some trouble from twittering. She reported that she tweets about what she eats, and she is working with a trainer and nutritionist to get into shape to wear a bathing suit on The View. Sherri tweeted about the fried calamari and buffalo wings she ate and realized that her nutritionist follows her on twitter.

According to the co-hosts of The View, women are complaining to their partners about making time for date nights after President Obama took Michelle out for a date night. Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that couples have to set aside romantic date nights to continue to have a strong relationship. She suggested that couples try easy, cheap date ideas.

According to The View, some schools in New York are paying students for good grades, and it increased the students’ grades by forty percent. This idea was started by an economist who graduated from Harvard. Elisabeth said that it would be nice if they put some of the money toward college financial aid or charity. One of the co-hosts wondered if it would create unhealthy competition, and Elisabeth said that they will be subjected to intense competition when they’re adults and attempting to find a job.

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Frances Ford Coppola Interviewed

The co-hosts of The View interviewed Frances Ford Coppola, director of The Godfather. He said that he probably has some genius but no talent and the women disagreed. Mr. Coppola said that he didn’t think The Godfather would be successful, and the studio didn’t want to cast the actors that he wanted such as Al Pacino. The women asked him about his opinion of The Sopranos, and he reported that he had never seen it.

This episode of The View featured hot topics and an interview with Frances Ford Coppola.

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