Digital TV Transition: Analog TV Owners Will Need Converter Boxes to Continue Receiving TV

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The FCC further states, digital broadcast will change television broadcast for the better. Digital broadcast will be sharper, clearer, and virtually interference free.

If you do not own a newer model television (HDTV) which handles the new digital signal you might be wondering if your old analog television will handle the change over to digital. Or will you have to purchase or replace all your old analog television sets. This might cost the average person several thousand dollars.

The FCC states the older model analog television set will still receive the new digital signal. All that is required is to attach a digital converter box to the set that will enable the old analog television to accept the new digital broadcast.

Also note: all analog DVD, VCR recorders will need the converter box to accept the digital signal also cable or satellite customer’s probably already own a set top box that receives digital signals. Contact your cable or satellite provider for more information. Here’s how to get ready for the digital transition.

Digital Converter Box Coupons

Visit Before the digital change takes place. Fill in the form on the website to request the $40.00 worth of coupons to help purchase the digital converter box. At this writing each household may request up to 2 coupons. In about 6 to 12 weeks the brand new digital converter box coupons should arrive.

Submitting Digital Converter Box Coupons

Take the digital converter box coupons to any local retailer who accepts the coupons and purchase the digital converter box. Most retailers will carry several models. Choose the model that is compatible with your television set. Some models have a regular remote control. Others are bundled with a Universal Remote. Many might prefer the Universal remote if they have several other electronics connected to their television set. Using a Universal Remote to control all the electronics will cut down or eliminate remote control clutter. And is a great option.

If you have a Costco membership, we should let you know that there is a really good deal on an ultrawide monitor by HP. You can get 75%, if you are interested; you need to move quick because there is a limited supply.

Digital Converter Box Set-up

Now, follow the instructions bundled with the converter box. Setup is relatively smooth process. Connect the converter box to the television. Also, connect an indoor or outdoor antennae to the converter box to receive the strongest signal. Now you are ready to watch digital television.

HD TV Ready Antenna

The FCC states if the consumer already owns a VHF or UHF antenna they will not have to buy a HD ready antenna because the existing antenna should work well after the transition. The digital signals will broadcast over the same VHF and UHF bands between 54 and 700 MHZ where channels 2 to 51 are now.

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