Defensive Driving Course: Beat the Traffic Ticket by Attending Traffic Ticket School

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Moving violations, such as running a red light or speeding, are never fun for the driver who is ticketed. A defensive driving course can be the best option for traffic ticket defense.

Fighting a ticket may conjure up images of a boxing ring with a crowd going wild. The announcer’s words blaring out into the stadium, “And in this corner, the reigning champ, the driving machine, the one, the only Drives Like a Maniac!” The driver in question jumps into the ring pounding his fists against the boxing gloves glaring at his opponent. The announcer continues, “And in this corner, his opponent, his nemesis, the thin but mighty Traffic Ticket!”

Whoops and hollers drown out the announcer reverberating voice as the two begin to spar.

Finding Out If Traffic Ticket School is an Option

When a driver receives a traffic ticket, the options for settling the dispute are explained on the ticket. Generally, the driver can pay the fine. If this is done, points are often assessed on the driver’s driving record. These points count against the driver for a driving offense, and if too many points are assessed in a given time frame, drivers can have their license revoked.

If taking a defensive driving course is an option, this will often dismiss the ticket and any associated points against the driver’s record.

Sign Up for a Defensive Driving Course

Usually there are two options for defensive driving courses: take a classroom course or sign up for online defensive driving school. Often the in-person class requires taking a test which is open book, meaning the students may change their answers if they get them wrong. This way all students pass the test. Taking an online defensive driving school course does not usually allow this open-book option.

Call or go online to sign up for a course. Find out the requirements to sign up and attend class, such as the following:

  • how to pay: many defensive driving schools require payment in the form of a money order or cashier’s check, not cash or credit card or personal check
  • when to show up: signing in at least one-half hour to forty-five minutes early is often required to be admitted to class
  • where to show up: get specific directions of where the class is being held and allow enough time to get to the location

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Attend the Defensive Driving Course

Showing up to traffic ticket school on time is important. If the school representative says that the class starts of 8:00 a.m., that does not mean the student can show up at 8:00 a.m. They will generally give specifics on the time to show up to register and ensure the student is signed up in person. Following these directions will ensure students are credited with attending the entire class.

Listening to the instructor regarding what is expected of the students is necessary. In person classroom settings often require a test of traffic signs that can be updated following a review in class. Students can take notes as needed to educate themselves on traffic laws they are not familiar with. This will help the student get the full experience from a defensive driving course.

Learn from Traffic School

Hearing other drivers’ stories and listening to the material the instructor presents will allow students to become better drivers by being educated and aware of laws that were unclear before. And better drivers equal fewer traffic tickets and safer roads for all drivers.

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