The Most Common Home Heating Systems

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Wintertime can prove to be a financial drain on a home. The obvious reason for this is that a cold interior will need to be heated. This, in turn, can mean extensive gas or electricity bills. It is not uncommon for a large home to yield $200+ monthly heating costs. This problem can be circumvented with the right home heating system installed. Depending upon the type of home in question, the particular budget, and the homeowner’s personal needs, a great many different types of home heating systems can be employed to cut costs and deliver effective results.


Regarding which heating systems for the home are available, here is an overview of some of the excellent heating systems which can be selected:

Forced Air Systems

This particular system is far and away the most popular of all the many types. The possible reason for this is that it can also provide cool air as well as heated. For those that wish to use it for heating, the way it operates is simple. Air is captured in a furnace where it is heated and then released through ductwork into the many rooms of the home. Commonly, electricity is used to heat the air, although other fuel sources such as natural gas may be employed.

Floor (Radiant) Heating Systems

The several types of floor heating systems can be easily considered the second most popular form of home heating method. The floor heating employs a hot water stove that sends hot water through tubing underneath the floor. The heat then transfers from the tubing to the floor surface which, in turn, heats the home. The boiler that heats the water is energy efficient although the oft cited drawback is that it can be a little slow in heating the home.

Steam Radiant Heating Systems

This classic model employs a radiator that contains hot water and steam in its pipes. As the radiator gets hot, it will emanate heat through the home. At one time, radiators were the prime means of heating a home. Today, they are not used anywhere near as much since more efficient methods have been developed. However, it would simply not be accurate to infer that radiators have little or no value. They have worked quite well through the bulk of the 20th century and can certainly continue to work well in the modern age.

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Hot Water (Hydronic) Baseboard System

This can be considered identical to a radiant heating setup with the main difference being that heat travels through a baseboard alongside of the wall. Once the water is heated by a boiler and travels through the baseboard, it will emanate upwards and heat the interior of the rooms in the home. It can do so quite efficiently provided the right system is installed.

Geothermal Heating Systems

If radiators are the heating systems of the past, these systems could be considered the ones of the future. A geothermal system is buried underground and it transfers heat from the earth and into a home. Such low maintenance systems are quite energy efficient and have been known to cut heating costs immensely. In today’s budget conscious environment, the popularity of these systems is sure to soar.

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