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Prevent Mold From Growing in Your Home

Prevent Mold in Your Home

  • Do not put carpet in your bathroom or basement.
  • Mold loves soap film so regularly clean surfaces like shower curtains, tiles, grout, and other bathroom areas with a product certified to kill mold and mildew.
  • Clean your shower floor regularly.
  • Don’t over-water houseplants.
  • Store firewood outside.
  • Check into adding mold inhibitors into paint when you buy a new can.
  • Regularly inspect carpet on concrete floors as carpet can absorb moisture.
  • Use your exhaust fan when cooking.
  • Regularly check and repair the caulking and grout in bathtubs and showers.
  • Ventilate whenever possible. If you home has a ventilation fan, use it.
  • Keep doors and windows open whenever possible.
  • Regularly clean ducts in your home’s heating and cooling systems. Remove and replace any insulation around air ducts that get wet; they cannot be adequately cleaned.
  • Vacuum all areas of your home often, preferably with a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This includes furniture and drapes as well as carpets.
  • Keep other surfaces clean with a product designed to kill household mold.
  • Cut the clutter in your house. This will improve air circulation and decrease the areas where mold can thrive.
  • Regularly clean your furnace filter. Replace it before it is completely clogged.
  • Check your roof for places water can enter and keep your eavestroughs clean. Do this often.
  • Make sure the grade of your lawn slopes away from to your home to keep water from pooling beside your home’s walls.
  • Routinely clean your home with a product designed to kill mold.
Lets get rid of mold

Control Humidity

The key factor in keeping mold from growing in your home is to control the level of humidity. Mold cannot grow without moisture, humidity is one of the biggest factors in helping white mold on wood spread.

  • Fix leaks immediately.
  • When showering turn on your exhaust fan and, if possible, open a window.
  • Vent moisture sources to the outside (dryer, dishwasher, bathroom fans, stove exhaust fan, etc.). Ensure they are not being vented into your home.
  • Use fans to circulate air.
  • Use a dehumidifier if your home’s humidity level is out of control. Close the windows when the dehumidifier is in use.
  • Turn your humidifier down if you have moisture collecting on your windows.

Indoor Humidity Levels

According to The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, the following indoor humidity levels should be in place in your home in relation to the outdoor temperature.

+20 F. – 35%

+10 F. – 30%

0 F. – 25%

-10 F. – 20%

-20 F. – 15%

A humidity level above 45% provides ideal conditions for mold growth and should be avoided.

To test the moisture level in your home, consider buying a hygrometer. They start at around $15 and can be found at most home improvement stores and on the Internet.

Water-Damaged Areas

Water enters homes when there is a structural weakness. Moisture can accumulate if the home isn’t ventilated enough or properly. Water damage also occurs from leaks within the house. Any areas of your home that have been subjected to water damage need to be cleaned immediately. Absorbent materials like drywall, ceiling tiles, and carpet that are moldy need to be replaced.

Mold growth can occur in just 48 hours with the proper moisture level, food source, and room-temperature conditions.

It is also important to take steps to prevent future water-damage. Prevention is usually less costly and less time consuming than cleaning up after the fact. According to Vicki Lankarge, author of “What Every Home Owner Needs To Know About Mold“, the top three sources of home water damage are burst washing machine hoses, leaks from shower tile grout, and ruptured water heaters.

By taking steps to prevent mold from growing in your house, your home and your family will be healthier for it.


How Do I Detect Bed Bugs

Bed bugs infestation is getting more common these days. These small insects find many hiding place in the room and crawl out during dark to bite a person. At one time or another, homeowner needs to learn about the possibility of bed bugs in the room and how to get rid of them. You must probably be thinking ‘how do I detect bed bugs‘ as you have no knowledge about the beg bugs. However the information here will not only help you identify bed bugs but will also guide you to understand whether bed bugs are crawling their way in your room!

How do I find bed bugs?

Looking out for bite marks reveals the presence of these beds bugs. Once bitten a rash similar to the one of the mosquito bite appears on the skin and is very itchy. These bites will appear mostly on the arms and legs and unlike the mosquito bites there will be more bites in a row and much itchier. A sudden check at night can also help you find bed bug. If in the dark of night you quickly get up and switch light there is a strong probably that you will spot these bed bugs.

Bed bugs are microscopic and so can be difficult to trace. If you wake up with red, itchy welts all over your body then there is immediate reason for concern. Asking a doctor would be the most surefire way to know. Another option is to purchase bed bug killer, steamer or any other product that is guaranteed to rid the bed of these critters. If a few of these products are used and there are still bugs in your bed then it is perhaps another type of species. What Else To Do To Know How Do I Detect Bed Bugs

Checking out the trails of bed bugs can also help. These insects are small and first so will sneak to their hidden places quickly but can leave behind traces of small waste and blood on bed which strongly indicates their presence.

If you feel there are chances of bed bug in your room buy a bed bug spray and use it in some corners to check. If the bed bugs are there they will crawl out of the cracks with speed this is one quick way to spot this creature. Finally a better way is to get professional help (call Mesa bed bug expert today to get professional help). Although this way to detect bed bugs will cost more but these professionals will not only thoroughly check for bed bugs but will also help eliminate them. This will definitely ease your mind of the nagging question of ‘how do I detect bed bugs‘.

Check your bedding for reddish, brown or black debris. This will be either blood or fecal matter that has escaped the bugs. One may also be able to find eggs. Another great method for finding out if their is concern for bed bugs is to trap them. If they are trapped, the problem is not solved but at least the issue is identified. This at least allows you to understand the implications and develop a plan of action based upon what you know the problem to be.


Control Summer Bugs with Insect Repellents

The average backyard contains up to 1,000 different insects. Fortunately only 10 per cent of these are destructive or harmful to man and plants. Modern weaponry includes foggers that spray clouds of gas over your yard, mosquito-zappers that electrocute them, coils that smoke them and liquids that repel them. But going green will also help deter the pests and you won’t be harming yourself or the environment.

Mosquito and Blackfly Repellents

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in winter and melting snow and excessive rain provides perfect breeding pools to cause a soar in the mosquito population. Larvae develop in 10 to 30 days. Since different species lay their eggs at different times, mosquitoes proliferate throughout the summer and fall.

More than 70 species exist in Canada and almost all use mammalian blood to produce eggs but only the female mosquito bites. Her favorite meal time is sunrise and sunset when light, heat and humidity is perfect.

The pesky blackflies are expected to reach their peak in the first two weeks in June and while their season in Southeastern Ontario lasts only about two weeks, it feels like forever.It’s difficult to recognize the bloodthirsty little beasts but if you look closely they are black and humpbacked, not sleek like a mosquito.

Blackflies make their insidious way through shirt sleeve cuffs, up pant legs, through button-holes and any other available openings. Since their bite is initially painless, it’s hard to know you’ve been bitten until the swelling.They inject a salivary secretion of anti-coagulants into their victim’s flesh to prevent clotting since clots can clog their proboscises.

Most people are aware of insect repellents and use them. The most effective ingredient used is dietyhltoluamide, commonly known as DEET. They are easily available at any pharmacy, grocery or hardware store.

Repellents with a DEET concentration of 100 per cent last for up to eight hours. The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that repellents used on children contain no more that 10% DEET and that parents should assist children in apply the products.

Use Natural Insect Repellents and Strategies to Curb Insects

Natural insect repellents strategies, however, can lessen or eliminate the need for such harsh measures. The most important measure you can take is to eliminate standing water, thereby not giving mosquitoes a chance to breed. Change bird baths, wading pools and pet water dishes at least twice a week and more often, if you can and remove sundry items that hold water.

Natural insect repellents range from citronella and neem oil to eucalyptus and thyme. Certainly, none of them will hurt you.

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Sandflies, Earwigs and Other Pests

DEET and other repellents can also be used on sandflies, tiny midges that can crawl through standard window screens. Their bites are painless but the resulting swelling can be quite painful. Sandflies and other biting midges are strongly attracted to light so keep the lights off in your tent or cottage when you are elsewhere.

European earwigs are pests that have increased in numbers in the last few years. Experts say the growth in population may be due to a lack of natural predators.

The best way to keep the critters away is to clear front and backyards of debris, as earwigs will hide under anything. They are nocturnal feeders and hide by day in the soil and garden debris. They lay their eggs in the top two inches of soil and can be carried indoors on a child’s shoe or creep through door and window cracks.

Tomato plants (but not the tomatoes) and impatiens are disliked by earwigs but they will munch holes in most vegetable leaves, attack seedlings, carrots, beans and beets. Diatomaceous earth, the naturally-occurring remains of hard-shelled algae, comes in an abrasive powder that can be sprinkled around plants as a defence against earwigs and other soft-bodied garden pests. Diatomaceous earth can be found at most garden stores. You can also trap earwigs in a shallow container half-filled with vegetable oil. If you must use pesticides May, June and July are the months to do so.


Alphabet Toys for Toddlers: Educational Activities that Teach the ABCs

If parents want to encourage young children to learn the alphabet, perhaps the best way to get them to learn is through the use of toys and interactive activities. Gentle and fun exposure to educational toys will promote literacy concepts, such as letter recognition and letter sound relationships. Here are top toy recommendations for teaching children the ABCs in a way that will having them learning without even realizing it.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set

Leapfrog has created a fun, dynamic toy that teaches children to recite the alphabet, the letter names, and the letter-sound relationship through the use of song. All pieces are magnetic and hang conveniently out of the way on the refrigerator. The toy comes with a base and 26 capital letters. An expansion pack of lower case letters can be purchased to compliment the set. Additionally, the letters can be used in other Fridge Phonics Sets.

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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle

Melissa & Doug, well-known for making durable toys of quality, put out this 10 foot long train floor puzzle. Made of thick cardboard, 20% thicker than other common cardboard puzzles, it wipes clean as easy for children to manipulate. The puzzle features both capital and lower case letters, and added bonus for children learning the complete alphabet. There are two noted concerns about this puzzle – regarding the letter U and X cars. All other letter train cars feature an animal that begins with the letter, except for “umbrella” and “fox.” The discrepancy may confuse some children.

Hooked on Phonics The Ratini Brother’s Alphabet Circus Game

This bean bag toss game adapts easily to different learning abilities. Children just beginning to learn the alphabet can play along with those who are learning advanced alphabet skills such as word play and rhyme. The game gets children moving and harnesses the energy of a young child so that they can focus. The game comes with a floor mat, three bean bags, and 52 activity cards.

Here Come the ABCs

Though not a toy, indy-pop music band has created a fabulous music CD/DVD called Here Come the ABCs. This fun and creative album teaches many alphabet concepts and the companion DVD stands on as a unique, animated educational tool. +

These top alphabet toys geared for approximately three to six year olds will provide children with a fun way to learn. Each toy focuses on a different learning style, and parents can pick the toy that best matches their child’s interests and abilities.


Buying Organic Cotton Clothes, Bedding, Towels: Are Organic Textiles Important, Or are They Just a “Green” Thing?

The cotton symbol is often perceived as a wholesome symbol. After all, what could be more natural and good than to wear soft cotton clothes? But there is a side of the cotton industry that many people are not aware of.

Growing Cotton With The Help Of Toxic Chemicals- Not An Eco Friendly Situation

The problem starts with industrialized farms mass producing a few varieties of cotton(though hundreds exist). Variety is important because each variety has its own weakness and if only one kind is grown and disease strikes or pests invade, the whole crop is lost. Farmers attempt to prevent such a loss by heavily treating crops with dangerous, cancer causing chemicals in an effort to keep pests and disease at bay. The resulting product is cotton saturated with pesticides, herbicide, fungicides, and the like. To illustrate just how heavily treated cotton crops are, consider this: Cotton crops take up only 2.4% of the world’s agricultural acreage, but use 25% of the world’s pesticides. This cotton eventually becomes clothes, blankets, and household items. And the cotton oil is often used in potato chips,crackers, and other processed foods. Raw cotton seed is often fed to livestock, affecting people indirectly who eat meat and dairy products. Then, there is the issue of direct pollution to the environment, especially since many of these chemicals are sprayed on the crops aerially. Also, farm workers (sometimes women and even children) often have health problems, as they are exposed to these chemicals excessively.

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More Chemicals Added Before Clothes Make It To The Rack- Baby Clothes No Exception

Cotton clothing often has various chemicals applied to it during production, each having its own purpose. For instance, formaldehyde is often applied to clothing that has to be shipped long distances as a mildew preventative. And an array of additional chemicals can be added during the process of clothing manufacturing to accomplish things such as shrink reduction, fire proofing, and wrinkle reduction. These chemicals can potentially cause health problems to the person wearing the affected clothing.

To Buy Organic Clothing, or Not

The consumer who chooses to buy organic cotton clothing need not worry about their clothing affecting their health in an adverse way. Organically grown cotton is not treated with dangerous pesticides and herbicides. The organic farmer implements natural disease and pest control methods such as crop rotation, mulching, weeding by hand, and using beneficial insects and plants to combat crop pests.

Making Your Clothes As Clean and Healthy as Possible

If you purchase clothes or bedding that is not organic, it is very important to wash them thoroughly before using. suggests soaking affected merchandise overnight in a tub of water containing the following mixture to reduce chemical residues and smells: 1/2 to 1 cup vinegar, 1/2 – 1 cup pickling salt, 1/4 – l cup baking soda.

Affordable, Natural, Cotton Organic Clothing

Organic clothing is often sold at high prices. However, there are some retailers that sell at more affordable prices than others. actually has a pretty extensive inventory of organic merchandise. Price comparison websites, such as , let you choose the lowest price of the particular organic item you are looking for. Also, some of your local stores may carry organic choices- for instance Target carries organic sheets. When you buy organic merchandise that is offered for a fair price, you are sending the message that there is a demand for it. And if you don’t find affordable organic choices in your favorite store, let the management know you would like to see them stock.