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How Can Crazy Bulk Help Me To Get In Great Shape?

So, it may sound crazy, but there are people that actually have problems in gaining weight. Yes, you might be wondering as to how such a possibility could have happened. Of course, you on the other hand may be sitting on your couch, eating potato chips, only to realize that you are grossly overweight. So, how exactly would you feel sympathetic for those people that have difficulty in gaining weight? It may seem to be a bit of a laugh for you, albeit in a sarcastic tone. However, you have to realize that this is a genuine problem faced by a lot of people.

For those people that have low weight, they could reach out to expert nutritionists to find out what has been inhibiting their growth in terms of muscle mass or even them gaining weight over a certain period of time. It would be dependent upon their genetics, or even the kind of diet that they have as well as other factors like tapeworms which may be located within the body. Even after going to a nutritionist, and a doctor and not finding any kind of physical problems within the body itself, a person still might not be able to gain weight. For those people, they are some products out there that will help them, one of the best ones is, Crazy Bulk.

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So, what does crazy bulk do for your body? Crazy bulk is a stack of legal steroids that have been compounded into capsules that not only take you to a whole new level for your work out, but also give you the weight and gains that you might have been craving for quite a while. However, is it not detrimental to your body? Well, it is for that exact reason that it is known as a legal steroid. These are RX-grade steroids, which can form the core of your bodybuilding supplements and do not come with any kind of side effects. It can also guarantee you extremely fast results, and the medication is available over the counter or even through their official website.

So, why exactly do you need to gain weight? Do you want to join the Army, and you are grossly underweight? Do you feel that you have a very lanky frame, and a lot of people make fun of you? If these are your concerns, then simply going for the crazy bulk package would be more than enough to supplement your diet and help you to get the excessive muscle mass and body weight that you need. However, you have to be dedicated to start working out on a regular basis, and not miss out on exercising due to silly excuses on your part. Doing so is only going to lower your chances of getting the ideal weigh. You need to do it for yourself and you need to understand that there is no one else that you can blame if you fail to take on this challenge.


How Can You Prevent Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that normally happens due to the lack of insulin production. However, it is not as simple as it seems. Rather, diabetes is primarily due to the onset of obesity in the person, and since the body is not capable enough to produce insulin for the entire body, the body starts suffering due to the lack of it. Diabetes is mostly preventable, while in some cases, there could be a genetic disposition to it – use this blood sugar levels chart to find out what range you fall in.

So, let’s talk about the situation where diabetes can be easily prevented.

The first thing you need to know about diabetes is that a proper and healthy schedule for your eating habits is all the more a necessity given the fact that fast food is the primary cause of diabetes across the world. The rampant obesity is something which is seen amongst the people from the first world countries as well as those that are from the third world countries. The quality of the food deteriorates when you cross the boundaries of a more civilized society to a lesser privileged one, but the impact of fast food across civilizations remain the same. Therefore, you should always watch what you put into your body because it will directly impact your health. You have to ensure that there is a lot less consumption of fast food than what your body can manage, if you are able to do that, then you will never have weight problems.

The next way diabetes can be prevented is through proper exercises. Of course, you might have gone down the wrong path when it comes to taking care of your diet. There are various situations where people might not have had access to proper food growing up and obesity was normally a byproduct of their unhealthy eating habits. However, when they grow up, they need to realize that they need to be in a proper shape in order to live long. In order to prevent the onset of diabetes in a person, proper exercises should be done in order to regulate the excessive body weight. The person needs to understand that it is only through exercise and a proper diet that they would be able to keep their weight under control.

Diabetes can also be prevented by ensuring that proper checkups are done on a regular basis. If there are proper diagnosis done to your blood cholesterol levels, it would be able to pick up on the signals that there is a definitive increase in the buildup of cholesterol, which needs to be managed as early as possible. That way, the warning bells will go off from the diagnosis, and you can take preventive measures on how you will be able to tackle diabetes and get it under your control.

By following these small but important things, one would be able to ward off any chances that they might have towards getting diabetes.


Some Of The Best Alternatives To Steroids

When it comes to competitive athletics, a lot of athletes make use of steroids. However, that was at least a few decades ago and most of those athletes have been banned by their respective agencies for steroid use. Nowadays, people are into making use of steroids that are alternatives to the harmful ones, which were normally found in the market. Competition has been fierce, and more and more athletes are looking at different ways to boost their strength within the body, without having to worry about any kind of problems.

Avoid Steroids

There are also a lot of people that are fitness conscious, and would like to slowly increase the strength that they have in their own body. For safety reasons, steroids are no longer required to get the explosive strength, but alternatives will be able to do the job just as well without any side effects. Moreover, these steroid alternatives will be able to provide excellent results within the given time frame, making it look like the best source of power required by any individual for that particular work.

Let’s look at some of the alternatives for steroids;

  • Arachidonic Acid (AA): Arachidonic acid happens to be a fatty acid which is essential for the human body. Located in the cellular membranes of muscles and in the brain, it shows that the proper supplementation of this particular acid would end up increasing the peak power of any athlete during exercises like leg press, sprint exercises as well as anaerobic exercises. It has also been seen that there are various other alternatives that will be able to get the same job done, although they end up taking a lot more time than this acid.
  • Divanil: One of the best-known supplements when it comes to providing nutritional benefits to the human body, Divanil is normally found in stinging nettle. It is a supplement that will be able to provide an excessive amount of power and physical drive to the individual consuming it, and it has been repeatedly tested by various scientific agencies across the world for its supposed powers to do so.
  • T Bomb: – This product is basically a zinc magnesium copper amalgamation that comes in addition to avena sativa. It has also been known to be an excellent alternative to steroids, providing the required impetus to an individual to conduct exercises to their maximum limit and even exceed it.
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There are also various types of bodybuilding supplements that can be found online, as well as through over-the-counter prescription. Due to the different types available in the market, choosing the supplements will need to be done with a lot of caution. However, it is also known that if you go for the alternatives of such supplements, you would be able to gain a lot more in terms of body mass and strength, without having to worry about the side effects associated with such kind of supplements.


What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Do you find yourself in the dumps whenever winter rolls by? Why is it so difficult for you to get out of your bed and simply go to work when the winter comes, even though you might end up enjoying your work? Well, most of the people think that it is simply a reaction that an individual has towards that particular season. However, what one has to realize is that there is a disorder known as the seasonal affective disorder, which is most likely affecting you.

Yes, also known as, SAD, the seasonal affective disorder is a form of a depression that has been affecting people during certain times of the year, but it mostly takes its full form during the winter season. The particular characteristic of the seasonal affective are mood swings, anxiety, depression and social withdrawal, which you would never have during other seasons.

There are no particular demographics that exclusively experience season affective disorder, instead it occurs irrespective of your age and, but studies have shown that it affects more women than men. Moreover, scientists have found out that it tends to affect women between the ages of 15 to 55. There is also a co-relation between family members that have had this disorder and passing it down through generations. So, chances are that if there is a close relative that has been suffering from seasonal affective disorder, then you might be able to get it – if you are interested on how that is possible, visit this site for more information.

So, what constitutes the symptoms for people affected with seasonal affective disorder? Well, you would feel a sudden loss of energy, difficulty concentrating on your daily activities, a tendency for you to gorge on food, mostly junk food, and an increased level of irritability as well as sadness coupled with anxiety at any given moment. Some people have also complained about the inability to sleep properly, and having to remain awake for the entire day. If there are any instances of seasonal affective disorder in your family, then these are the symptoms that would mostly be found on that individual.

Although the causes for seasonal affective disorder seem to be unclear, most scientists believe that it is directly related to the amount of sunlight that the body receives. During the winter season, the body receives a reduced amount of sunlight and it could create some sort of change in the brain activity that results in the hormonal imbalance. The increase of melatonin and the decrease of serotonin have also known to be responsible for this disorder.

Most of the professionals are also puzzled about the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder as they overlaps with the one that you find of depression. Therefore, if you think that you are afflicted with this disorder, it is very important for you to get diagnosed by a medical professional and seek proper help before this gets out of control.


Managing Anxiety In The Best Way

Having anxiety is something that has already been considered as a universal sign of remaining in a stressful situation. Although it is not an emotion that you can restrict to certain living conditions like remaining oppressed or deprived of products, instead it is a part of the human ethos. Across all levels of society, anxiety has become an inescapable part of our lives that we have to keep in control. For a wide variety of reasons, anxiety can intensify over a period of time, or it could be subdued, only to come up when there is a highly stressful situation in front of you.

There are various situations where anxiety can suddenly come to the surface. They include:

  • Rejection from anything
  • Embarrassment
  • Hurting the sense of pride
  • Uneasiness or the feeling of vulnerability
  • Extreme stress

If you have come across any of the above situations, then there is almost 100% possibility that you were experiencing some sort of anxiety at that given moment. Of course, anxiety is also characterized by a mental tension, which will be able to express itself in the form of some subtle symptoms that can take on an embarrassing form in a human. However, anxiety also happens to be a natural response to emotions that make the person survive that situation and glide away comfortably. It is also a constant reminder for the frailty that humans have when it comes to mastering their destiny.

What is Social Anxiety?

Although closely interrelated, anxiety and fear are not concepts that you need to match together. Fear, is basically a response when a person is in danger. It is also known as a survival mechanism, so much so that Darwin has thought about fear to be essential for the survival of humankind. However, anxiety is the need for a person to dispel the fear that he or she is in at that given moment.

Not everybody that is feeling anxiety will be able to showcase symptoms of it; there are high chances as to why people that have anxiety will find that there is a definite decrease in the performance and the productivity of their body. However, by effectively harnessing the potential as well as the ability for a person to get rid of anxiety, he or she would be able to socialize properly and without any kind of repercussions. When the anxiety becomes excessive, it can be disruptive, and create many problems for the individual concerned.

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There may be concerns about the health of the person as well. Therefore, one has to understand that anxiety can have a lot of effect on a person, whether he is in a state of distress or stress. The situation may have to do with a business deal, or it may have to do with inefficiency in order to meet the job requirements. Overall, with a simple understanding of anxiety and how it creates a bad effect on your body, any individual will be able to control anxiety.


How To Choose The Best Medical Alert Systems?

When it comes to taking care of our elders, we seldom like to think that we have done everything, but in reality, we have not done a lot. What this means is that we spend a lot of time in trying to introduce products in the lives of the elderly in order to make it easier, but in reality, all it does is to make their lives more difficult. For example, most people just get these things for the elderly and do not really teach them how to use the product, make sure that the elderly person knows how to use the system so they can use it when they are in an emergency.

So, how do you go about selecting the best medical alert systems in the current market?

For one, you have to see if the service provider has an active call center that will be able to take care of any problems associated with the medical alert system at all possible time-frames. Since there is a life at the other end of the line that is dependent upon this alert system going off in the right time, it is dependent upon the service technician to work at all possible times in order to get the problem resolved. If there is no service center of that sort, then it is not a good product.

One also needs to worry about whether the medical alert system comes with fall detection or not. What this means is that the advanced systems of the yesteryears did not have any kind of system with which if the elderly person falls down, there would be some sort of an alarm. However, with new technologies, they have been able to introduce automatic detection of falls, so that there would be an auto alert generated, and the person will be able to get immediate medical help so that a tragedy may be averted.

When purchasing the medical alert system, is there any kind of fine print that you need to go through about their technology? That is a question which owns a lot of people, given the fact that a lot of these technologies are new, and therefore do not work according to what they are advertised. Therefore, as a person if the person, it is your duty to ensure that you get all the necessary details about how well the alert system works, and only then purchase it. You have to understand that the product should be able to ticks all the boxes, and after you are satisfied, purchasing the product makes sense. If there is any kind of shortcomings, then it would be a huge problem for the senior citizen living in your house.

As a responsible person, it is your duty to take care of the elderly, and not pawn them over to some other enterprise. So, fulfill your duty and get the best product for the elderly person living in your house.


What Are The Daily Sacrifices Necessary To Get Abs?

The fascination of getting abs in your body is something that is not under your control. It is somewhat of a morbid fascination amongst people to see abs in the body of a supremely fit person. However, what about the sacrifices that the person has to go through every day in order to maintain those abs? Nobody has an idea, but when it comes to getting abs on their own, they realize that the sacrifices may sometimes take a toll on their normal lives. This is the reason why when people have abs, there are others who appreciate the time and effort that they have placed in order to get that particular portion of their body in a fine shape.

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So, what are the sacrifices that you need to do daily in order to get abs?

  • The primary objective for you would be to reduce your body weight. Well, these can be done in various ways. Firstly, you can go on a crash diet, whereby you starve your body of all the junk food, get rid of any kind of heavy food that you might have had daily in your own house, and ensure that you completely go towards a liquid diet. While, you would end up losing weight rapidly through this method, the amount of hardships that you would have to go through, the crankiness of your mental state is not worth the effort.

Secondly, you should try and go for a calculator diet, which consist of only consuming healthy fats and carbohydrates. Of course, these would contain products such as fish oil, peanut butter, avocado, as well as a heavenly mix of pizza, cheese and a whole lot of other stuff, but in moderation. This way, you do not have to give up on your favorite food, while at the same time you would be cutting down on the amount of food intake.

  • Another sacrifice that you would have to make on a daily basis is to go for exercises. If this is your first time in the gymnasium after a long while, the pain which will follow the initial session of exercises in the gymnasium can definitely help you to think about not going back to the gymnasium ever again. However, you have to be determined to get yourself to the gymnasium on time the next day. It is this determination that is extremely hard, but a lot of strong willed people have been able to follow up on their exercise regimen, and they are now in a fine shape.
  • The other sacrifice is not going out for any kind of night time activities. Your body requires at least eight hours of sleep on a daily basis, which is free from any kind of alcohol. So, in order for you to remain fit, it is important to understand that you need to sacrifice a bit of your social life.

These are a few sacrifices that you would need to do in order to maintain your body in perfect shape.


Always Try And Stay Sober During The Holiday Season

This holiday season; make it a priority to remain sober. When it comes to people visiting you during the holiday season, you find that if you remain sober, you end up having a lot of fun in such family occasions. Remaining intoxicated may seem to be the best thing during the holidays, but the amount of money and energy that you spend on remaining intoxicated does not justify the end result. When you are intoxicated, the only thing that you would feel is drowsy, and hence misses out on all the fun during the holidays.

Of course, it may seem to be a bit on the downside of you not having any kind of addiction during the holiday season, but take my word for it. You are definitely going to enjoy every moment that you spend with your family, and all your laughter would be genuine, and so will the memories and experiences that you gain from this holiday. You would be able to get more respect from your family, and many people would be able to acknowledge the changes that you have made in order to become a true member of the family.

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When people look up to you and admire the fact that you have maintained your sobriety, you realize that there is a lot of power in you in order to get rid of addiction once and for all. Remaining sober is not only a wonderful way for you to have a decency in your life, but you would also be able to follow up on any kind of commitments that you have made during the holidays. As soon as people begin to see this new transformation of yours, they would start trusting you more, which leads to you getting a lot more respect from the people.

If you start using this respect, you are going to fall down in the trust ladder. You have to understand that remaining sober is a chance for you to give to yourself a decent start at a second life, something that everybody deserves. You start to feel good about everything, even yourself. You realize that the amount of guilt as well as shame that may have been tied down to your addiction is all going to go away within a short period of time. All you need to do is to remain sober, and the world would be at your fingertips.

With a drastic increase in the self-esteem, and a healthy body to boot, you would be a new person during the holiday season. If you’re not convinced that your life will become much better after you give up on your addiction, go visit any addiction meetings, and have a look at the people that are sober. You would see a marked change in them, and they are more happy to share their thoughts and experiences with you at any given point. You are definitely going to realize that getting rid of addiction is a thing that needs to be done at the earliest.


The Psychology Behind Inspiration

When you are going through a lot of problems in your life, it is the inspiration quotes that you find all over the Internet that can provide you some solace and relief. Although these have become a celebrated portion of the Internet folklore, there are a lot of people that know about how inspiration quotes have been able to help them on a daily basis.

What is inspiration?

So, what exactly is the necessity of inspiration in our lives? Out of all the things that you come across, you find that inspiration plays a very important role, particularly if it is in the form of quotes from famous personalities. After all, when they have already become famous while going through a lot of struggle, you realize that even you have the potential in order to achieve what they have done. However, you have also got to walk through the fire, you also have to go through all the harsh criticism that they have gone through in order to make it big in this world. This is the reason inspiration works wonders for common people. It gives them a chance; it shows them a mirror wherein they get to see that they are capable enough in order to take on the might of the world just like their heroes have done before them.

Fun fact: a study found that even just reading inspirational quotes everyday can make you 5 times more likely to be productive and efficient in your day.

However, what most of the people realize is that behind the features of inspiration that we get to see, there is a lot of motivation, and psychology plays a very important role. If you are able to relate to the person that has provided such an inspiration, you find yourself motivated beyond a reasonable doubt. However, if you are not able to relate to that person, the inspiration would not serve its purpose. For example, when inspiration comes from a person like Thomas Alva Edison that has gone through learning difficulties, and is now known as one of the greatest inventors of the world, people going through the same amount of problem with a scientific background will relate to that person. However, a person that is failing in a sports category would not try and derive inspiration from Thomas Alva Edison; he would do so from any like-minded celebrity like Roger Federer.

Obviously, inspiration also plays a very important role in getting people to understand what seems to be a basic aspect of their lifestyle, and get it tuned according to the needs of the general mass. If you want to become the ideal citizen, you have got to contribute to the society. The inspiration for you to become that citizen lies in the reward, which is the admiration of the people in and around you. So, inspiration and the psychology behind it have a lot to do with reasoning, motivation, as well as the person providing the inspiration. If all of them come together, it is a potent mix that has the potential to convert any person into a celebrity in his own right, if he is more than willing to walk the talk.


Overcome Fear of Flying

Aerophobia is an extreme, irrational fear of flying (sometimes referred to as avio/aviatophobia). It may be part of other phobias such as a fear of heights or closed spaces. Someone with a phobia of flying will feel compelled to avoid air travel wherever possible. This may be a real hindrance for people who wish to travel for leisure, or for those who must travel for work.

Understanding Aerophobia

Being afraid to fly is quite a common phobia, and is also treatable. Gaining an understanding of aviation may be a key area for some sufferers, depending on the reasons behind their fears. Some fears include panic attacks, heights, closed spaces, turbulence, crashing, hijacking, terrorism and not being in control. Some of these fears may be relieved through learning more about air travel.

How to Learn About Aviation

  • Websites – there are many websites dedicated to helping sufferers of aerophobia, including some courses. Some of these courses are free of charge and can be completed online.
  • Books and journals – there are a number of books on overcoming aerophobia, and also a great many journals/magazines on aviation (do have a flick through before buying – some may be quite technical).
  • Airlines – many airlines run workshops to help relieve fears through education. These workshops sometimes include an optional flight.

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Some Facts on Flying

Becoming educated about aviation doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. In fact, some online courses only take a few hours to complete, and you may begin to feel more comfortable quite quickly.

Here are some facts about flying to get you started:

  • The FAA (Federal Flight Administration) is responsible for ensuring safe and secure flight in the US, though some other countries follow their guidelines.
  • All professionals involved in flight, including mechanics, pilots, air traffic controllers and cabin crew go through rigorous training. They are skilled, motivated professionals who are committed to taking their work very seriously.
  • There are a number of security measures to prevent terrorism. All aviation staff, including cabin crew, are trained in this area.
  • Planes go through a series of rigorous inspections before take-off.
  • Planes are sturdy, powerful machines that are built to fly. Planes can endure much greater speeds and forces than are imposed during flight.
  • It is physically impossible to open a cabin door during flight due to cabin pressure. Only when the cabin is depressurized can the doors be opened.
  • Planes have built-in stability – they will not tip over.
  • Turbulence is a normal part of flight and will not damage the aircraft, even at its strongest.
  • Pilots are trained to deal with difficult weather conditions, but bad weather is avoidable thanks to new technologies.
  • Engines keep the plane pushing forward. In the incredibly unlikely event that all engines were to fail, the plane can still fly and even land. Planes do not fall out of the sky.


Other Treatments for Aerophobia

Learning about aviation may be helpful, particularly when combined with other interventions. Some treatments include:

  • Talking treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Behavioral treatments, such as systematic desensitization
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Relaxation exercises, including deep breathing techniques
  • Antianxiety medication, such as benzodiazepines

It may be worth seeking help from a health professional, such as doctor or therapist, who will be able to provide you with more information on treating your phobia.


A Monumental Run Through Washington, D.C. A Classic Running Route Takes You Through the Heart of D.C.

For someone who is an avid runner or jogger living in Washington, D.C., or a visitor looking to get some exercise and sightsee at the same time, the United State’s capital has some great running options. Here’s a classic route that is approximately six miles long and will allow a runner to see a variety of D.C. landmarks.

Start on Capitol Hill

The route starts on Capitol Hill at the corner of 2nd and East Capitol Streets N.E., where runners will get a great view of the U.S. Capitol dome, the majestic U.S. Supreme Court, and the Folger Shakespeare Library. Run east on East Capitol Street (away from the Capitol Building), past beautiful old townhouses. Runners will come upon Lincoln Park at 11th Street. They should run around the perimeter of the park, but should be sure to take a quick rest to see the Emancipation Memorial and the statue dedicated to African-American civil rights leader Mary McLeod Bethune.

After making the loop around the park, runners should head back west toward the Capitol Building on Massachusetts Avenue N.E. When they get to Stanton Park at 6th Street N.E., they should take a quick look at the townhouse at 227 6th Street. President Barack Obama rented an apartment here when he served in the Senate. They should then cross the street and run around the perimeter of the park, and admire the statue of Revolutionary War Major General Nathanael Greene in the middle of this urban green space.

When runners get to the other side of the park on 4th Street, they should head down Maryland Avenue toward the U.S. Capitol. They should run two blocks and make a right onto Constitution Avenue. As they head down Constitution, they’ll pass the U.S. Capitol on their left and the Senate office buildings on their right. Depending on the time of day, if they’re lucky, they might see a Senator or two walking to the Capitol for a vote.

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Past the White House

Runners should head down the hill and make a slight right onto America’s main street, Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., where many a presidential inaugural parade has been held. They should run for about nine blocks, taking notice of the FBI headquarters and the historic Willard Hotel. They should then make a right onto 15th Street, go about three blocks, and make a left onto Pennsylvania Avenue. This section of the street is pedestrian only, and will take you right past the White House.

Through Constitution Gardens

Runners should make a left on 17th Street N.W., and run down the street for about six blocks until they reach Constitution Avenue. They should cross Constitution and turn right, and then eventually make their way into Constitution Gardens Park on their left. Following the pathways, they should make their way past the somber Vietnam Veterans Memorial and over to the Lincoln Memorial. All runners should take a breather and pay homage to our 16th President at this magnificent monument, but out of respect for this sacred place, everyone should walk up the steps quietly if they want a closer look. There is no running allowed.

Up the National Mall to the End

From the Lincoln Memorial, runners should run east alongside the Reflecting Pool. At the far end of the pool, they will pass the World War II Memorial. After crossing the street onto the grounds of the Washington Monument, they should continue on, crossing 15th and then 14th Streets to get onto the National Mall. They should run the length of the Mall, passing the iconic Smithsonian Castle and other Smithsonian museums.

Runners should keep going toward the U.S. Capitol. At this point they should gather what energy they have left to run up Capitol Hill, past the chambers of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. When they get to the top, they’ve earned the right to walk the rest of the way across the grounds and onto East Capitol Street, where one more block will take them back to the place they started.


Sinus Infection Signs and Symptoms in Children with Stuffy Noses

A serious sinus infection can be very painful for kids, and needs a doctor’s care. Properly armed with information about sinus infection signs and symptoms in children, parents can decide when to call the doctor for a stuffy nose, and when to wait for symptoms to get better.

Sinusitis in Children

Sinusitis is another name for an infection of the sinus cavity, which can be caused by a virus, a bacteria or a fungus. Once infected, the sinus cavity becomes irritated and inflamed. There are two types of sinus infection in children:

  • Acute Sinusitis – Patients with acute sinusitis only experience symptoms for two to eight weeks.
  • Chronic Sinusitis – Chronic sinusitis is a condition in which sinus infections recur frequently over time.

Colds and allergies, which cause an increased amount of mucus in the sinus cavity, can result in a sinus infection. Various problems with the nose, such as a deviated septum or bone spurs in the nose, can also block the passage of mucus in the sinuses, providing a place for bacteria to grow.

Signs and Symptoms of Sinus Infection in Children

Sinus infection signs and symptoms in children can be observed over time. It’s important to keep track of how long a child has been ill, and when each symptom began. Children with allergies are at risk for sinus infections, due to the constant production of mucus from allergic reactions.

  • Sinus infections are often the culprit when a child has a cold, appears to get better, and then starts getting sicker again.
  • When nasal discharge is dark, and the child has had a high fever for several days, he may be suffering from a sinus infection.
  • A long-term runny or stuffy nose (how to get rid of stuffy nose) that doesn’t get better after a week and a half may indicate a sinus infection in a child.

Allergy and Sinus Relief for Kids

Allergy and sinus relief for kids can help reduce inflammation and clear out sinuses before an infection develops. Avoiding allergens and getting allergy shots can also help prevent the allergy attacks that result in the development of a sinus infection. Help kids get relief from sinus pain with home treatments recommended by the U.S. National Library of Medicine:

  • Application of a warm, wet washcloth to the child’s forehead, nose and cheek area, several times daily.
  • Encourage a child suffering from sinusitis to drink lots of fluids, which will thin the mucus and help it drain.
  • Sit with the child in the bathroom, with the shower running so they can inhale the steam. Do not put the child in the shower or bath with hot water running, they will get plenty of steam by sitting outside of the shower.
  • Keep a humidifier by the child’s bed, to moisten the air they breathe.

Low Blood Sugar Treatment: How to Control Hypoglycemia

A good low blood sugar treatment plan is very important for people who are susceptible to sudden drops in glucose levels. An unusually low blood sugar level (here is a blood sugar levels chart) is a medical condition known as hypoglycemia. Diabetes is the most common cause of hypoglycemia. However, according to Mayo Clinic, in rare instances, it can be a symptom of a more serious condition.

A person experiencing hypoglycemia may feel weak or lightheaded. Other hypoglycemia signs include sweating, nervousness, anxiety, hunger, confusion, or hunger. It is very important to get treatment as soon as hypoglycemia signs and symptoms appear. If left untreated, this condition can become progressively worse, leading to unconsciousness. People who at risk for this condition, should always have some form of treatment with them at all times.

Diet for Hypoglycemia

The proper diet for hypoglycemia treatment and prevention can vary from one person to another. Each person has a unique biochemical make up. As a result, the diet for a person with this condition should match a person’s individual needs. However, there are some general dietary recommendations for hypoglycemia management. In her book The Do’s and Don’ts of Hypoglycemia (Fell, Frederick Publishers, Incorporated, October 2003), Roberta Ruggiero recommends eating six small meals a day.

It is important for people with hypoglycemia to pay attention to the way their body responds to various foods. They should keep a written log of all foods, beverages, and medications that they consume daily. Make notations about any reactions to certain foods. Stop eating foods that seem to bring on signs of hypoglycemia, and see if removing these foods from the diet make a difference.

Avoid foods and substances that are known cause hypoglycemia in some people. This includes caffeine, sugar, white flour, alcohol, and tobacco. Instead, eat poultry with the skin removed, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, and certain fruits. Choosing fruits to eat may require some experimentation, since the natural sugar in some fruits may cause a reaction in some people with hypoglycemia.

Cycle of Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia Management

The American Diabetes Association recommends the frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels for diabetics and others who are at risk for hypoglycemia. This is an important part of a hypoglycemia management plan. Patients should consult their doctors about how often these levels should be checked and what is considered to be within the normal range. This will help determine how the symptoms should be managed.

Anyone who is at risk for hypoglycemia should be prepared for a sudden drop in blood sugar levels at any time. Glucose tablets, fruit juice, and hard candy can be used as a low blood sugar treatment. Get advice from a doctor on which foods and snacks to carry around in case of an occurrence of hypoglycemia.


Which Treatments Work Best To Fight Obesity?

There is recognized to be overlap between obesity and different forms of eating disorders, including binge-eating, anorexia and bulimia. Despite the fact that obesity is not labelled as an eating disorder, it is clear that symptoms and underlying factors as well as maintenance factors are often similar.

Self-Help For Treating Obesity in Men

Male sufferers of obesity who do not have access to or do not wish to seek professional support may benefit from a variety of self-help approaches. Regular exercise will help the body speed up weight distribution when combined with a healthy, balanced diet. Cutting out take-aways, reducing alcohol consumption and simple strategies such as walking up stairs rather than using the elevator will all make a difference.

There are also many forms of 12-step support groups available and Over-Eaters Anonymous (OA) may be a valuable source of support particularly for those who engage in binge-eating behaviors in addition to suffering from obesity. Within the 12-step approach, one will usually pair up with a sponsor or mentor who is further down the road in recovery and will help one understand how the 12 steps work and act as a support for a period of time.

In the early stages where the individual may struggle with weight-bearing forms of exercise alternatives such as swimming may be a good place to start.

Psychological Treatments For Males Suffering From Obesity

For men who feel they would benefit from having some professional help and support to change there are several different options in terms of psychological approaches to treatment. Three different therapeutic methods have been identified as beneficial for those affected by obesity including cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational enhancement therapy and interpersonal therapy.

These therapies will usually involve one to one therapy sessions on a weekly basis for approximately 50 minutes often over a set period of time. Cognitive behavioral therapy, often referred to as CBT, focuses on how thoughts and feelings impact behavior while interpersonal therapy is more aimed at skills used to improve one’s relationships. Motivational enhancement therapy or MET is used as an additional approach and is recognized as key factor in helping sufferers to both achieve and maintain recovery goals.

Medical Approaches To Treating Obesity in Men

Ideally, alternatives to medical approaches to obesity treatment such as self-help tools and therapeutic interventions should be tried prior to opting for this approach, although this is often not the case. Examples of medical approaches involved in treating obesity include the following: medication used to prevent fat absorption, medication to suppress appetite, gastric band and stomach bypass. If you don’t want to go down this route, you can try products like Gynexol, Garcinia, and Hydroxycut to see if these work for you.

However, these treatments all involve an element of risk, thus requiring careful monitoring and especially in the case of surgical interventions should not be entered into lightly.

Clearly there are a variety of options available to those struggling with obesity and/or binge-eating disorders. For information on additional therapies, medical interventions and especially prior to embarking on a weight loss program it is advisable to seek medical advice.


How Do Muscles Contract? Specialized Proteins in Muscles Do the Work that Leads to Contraction

Everyone knows that when muscles contract they generate force. You know this because you use your muscles to do work of various kinds. You know this because you can see your muscles rippling when you do something particularly strenuous. Did you know this happens because of the work being done inside the muscle by two very specialized proteins?

Actin and Myosin

Skeletal, or voluntary, muscle is an unusual tissue. First, individual muscle fibers (myofibers) are made from a number of precursor cells that decide to fuse together and make a single very large cell. Second, these myofibers are filled almost completely by a series of thin and thick filaments each of which is composed largely of a single specialized protein. For thin filaments the protein is known as actin and for thick filaments the protein is known as myosin.

How Do Thick and Thin Filaments Work?

The myosin molecule is a member of a family of proteins known as “motor proteins”. That is they can generate actual physical movement as a result of an energy using process. In the thick filament, many molecules of myosin are wrapped around each other to make a rod-like structure. Importantly, these myosin containing rods have the “head” of the myosin molecules sticking out along their side. The thin filaments are made up of many molecules of actin tightly associated together. The myosin head group can stick to the actin thin filaments and when energy is released by myosin consuming an ATP molecule (the universal energy fuel of all cells), the myosin head groups can actually pull against the thin filament to which they have stuck and force it to move by.

The Contraction Cycle

Other signals inside of the muscle cell are very important to the activation and regulation of the contraction process. When the signal is received for muscle to contract, the calcium ion plays a critical role. Calcium levels rise in the cell cytoplasm and this tells specific regulator proteins to let myosin thick filaments to stick to actin-containing thin filaments. The myosin head groups split ATP, they force the actin filaments by and then they relax and let go of the thin filaments. Calcium inside of the cytoplasm is sequestered inside specialized storage depots and the process ends.

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How Can These Sliding Filaments Do Work?

Obviously, if the thick and thin filaments were simply “floating around” inside of the muscle fibers not much work would get done. The sliding of these filaments past one another generates force because they are fixed at their ends and are attached to the other structures inside of the myofibers in a highly organized fashion. They are so organized, in fact, that if you look at skeletal muscle in the microscope, it has a striped or “striated” appearance. When contraction occurs, the complete “contractile apparatus” within an individual myofiber gets shorter and the muscle can generate force.

For a wonderful animation of the contraction process view the movie online provided by San Diego State University College of Sciences.


Common Drug Interactions with Grapefruit

Many people enjoy the health benefits of grapefruit or grapefruit juice as part of their daily breakfast routine. These citrus fruits provide a natural source of vitamin C and fiber. However, people who are taking prescription medications need to be aware of the possibility of an interaction between their medicine and grapefruit. This interaction was identified in the late 1980’s. Some patients were initially advised just to separate the dose of medication from the grapefruit juice, but it is now known that grapefruit or grapefruit juice cannot be consumed at all while taking certain prescriptions.

How Grapefruit Juice Affects Drugs

Most medications enter the body through the mouth and are broken down by enzymes in the intestines and the liver. Natural chemicals in grapefruit block the activity of one of these enzymes, known as CYP3A4. This enzyme helps to break down several commonly used medications. When the chemicals in grapefruit juice blocks the enzyme, this can lead to changes in blood levels of the medicine. In some cases, levels of the medication will become too high and occasionally, too low.

Prescription Medications Affected by Grapefruit

Not all medications interact with grapefruit. Most prescriptions and over-the-counter medications will not be affected. Some commonly used medications that patients do need to watch with grapefruit juice include:

  • amiodarone (Cordarone, Pacerone) for heart
  • simvastatin (Zocor) and lovastatin (Mevacor, red yeast rice) for cholesterol
  • nifedipine (Adalat, Procardia) and verapamil (Calan) for blood pressure
  • tacrolimus (Prograf) for immunosuppression
  • triazolam (Halcion) and midazolam (Versed) for twilight sleep before a procedure
  • erythromycin for infection and gastroparesis

According to Pharmacy Times, some of these interactions can be dangerous. Nilotinib (Tasigna) is an oral medication used to treat leukemia. The prescribing information for nilotinib notes that grapefruit juice can block breakdown of this medication which could lead to a fatal heart arrhythmia known as long QT syndrome. Erythromycin is used as an antibiotic and to increase digestion of food in gastroparesis. Combining grapefruit with erythromycin can also lead to a heart arryhthmia.

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Further Information on Grapefruit Juice and Medications

The Florida Department of Citrus has published a handy chart for patients to use to check their medications and the severity of the potential interaction. Anyone with questions on consuming grapefruit with their specific prescriptions should contact their pharmacist or prescriber. Alternative medications may be available to use instead.


Plavix Heart Medication – Do the Risks Outweigh the Benefits?

In 1997, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Plavix® (clopidogrel bisulfate), a very expensive drug used to keep sticky blood cells called platelets, from forming life-threatening clots that can block blood flow. Since the approval of Plavix, doctors have prescribed it for patients who have cardiovascular disease, or who have had surgery to insert a stent, or multiple stents, into blocked arteries.

What are the Potential Benefits of Plavix?

Plavix is a drug manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi-aventis. It has been touted as a miracle drug by these pharmaceutical companies, who claim it will help people who have a problem with blood clots that form in their arteries. Blood clots cause life-threatening blockages that restrict the normal flow of blood into, and out of, the heart. Other potential benefits to patients are listed below.

  • Thins blood, making the formation of clots much less likely
  • Helps prevent heart attacks and strokes
  • Helps prevent stent blockage

What Risks are Involved When Taking Plavix?

Taking Plavix can increase the risk of internal and external bleeding. Doctors who plan to operate on a patient who has been taking Plavix normally require that the patient stop taking the drug at least five days prior to the scheduled surgery. Other potential risks of Plavix are listed below.

  • Internal bleeding in the stomach or brain
  • Can cause strokes, brain bleeds, or cranial hemorrhages
  • Minor cuts and scrapes will take longer than normal to stop bleeding
  • May increase the occurrences of nosebleeds and bruising

There is no antidote for Plavix other than to wait between five and 10 days for new platelets to form inside the body. Emergency surgery, if it became necessary for any reason, would be very dangerous and could result in the death of people who are taking regular doses of Plavix.

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Was Plavix Misrepresented by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers?

Doctors were originally given information about Plavix that made claims as to the benefits it provided to people who underwent heart surgery, stent surgery, and other heart and blood related conditions. The pharmaceutical companies claimed Plavix was a safer and better alternative to the previously used ASPIRIN® treatment. In the past few years, Plavix has been blamed for complications and or deaths that are considered to be a direct result of taking this potentially misrepresented drug.

Lawsuits Against Plavix Manufacturers

Class action lawsuits have been in progress for several years against the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture Plavix. These companies made safety and other claims about Plavix which are now believed to be invalid. Literally thousands of people are now claiming they were harmed or have loved ones who were harmed, or even killed, by taking doctor prescribed doses of Plavix. Only time will tell if the courts decide weather the pharmaceutical companies are guilty of misrepresenting this controversial drug.

Be Aware of the Side Effects When Taking Plavix

Plavix has become a very controversial prescription drug in recent years. Many people who claim to have had life threatening side-effects, directly related to taking plavix, are suing the pharmaceutical companies for damages due to inadequate warning labels on this drug. While Plavix does seem to have some good benefits to patients it is advisable to use great care when taking it to avoid having potentially serious complications.


UCLA Dentist

High Quality Dental Services In The UCLA Area

UCLA Area Dentistry

Los Angeles offers a wide array of dental clinics and services. From teeth cleaning to root canals, you are always guaranteed timely and professional dental services. If you reside in the UCLA area, a UCLA dentist can meet your needs within time and budget. With years of extensive industry experience, they offer a range of dental procedures for your convenience. This includes dental implants, dental veneers, and teeth whitening. They also specialize in porcelain dental crowns, dental bonding, and tooth and gum reshaping. For patients, this is the perfect way to restore your teeth’s natural shine and vibrancy. It also enables you to be more confident, while you dazzle your family and friends with the perfect smile.

A UCLA dentist is available for dental emergencies and mishaps as well. Whether it’s a chipped or partially broken tooth, they offer state-of-the-art dental equipment and services. With personalized services, UCLA dentists perform an array of treatments on a daily basis. As fully certified and professional specialists, they also ensure the utmost professionalism and comfort. This includes painless treatments with true precision, along with cosmetic dental procedures and dental maintenance. Dentists in UCLA also offer oral and hygiene tips to secure lasting results. From proper brushing techniques to floss and plaque removal, they truly care about your dental health.

A UCLA dentist also specializes in safe and preventative dental measures. Whether it’s cavity reduction or enamel protection, they can show you how to properly maintain your teeth. Several area dentists are also part of the prestigious USC School of Dentistry, which is a well-respected and world-renowned institution. From cosmetic to general dentistry procedures, these clinical professors teach all the latest dental techniques and applications. For a UCLA student dentist, this is the perfect way to learn and apply your trade. It also allows you to learn from the best, while they help shape and map out your dental career.

A UCLA student dentist may also receive intricate on the job training. Whether it’s dental assistance, general dentistry, or orthodontics, this is the perfect way to receive training and supervision from industry experts. So whether you need dental services, or want to pursue a career in dentistry, UCLA dentists can facilitate all your needs in a timely and professional manner.

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Medicine and Faith: The Duality of Healing and Spirituality

Early societies often blended spirituality with medicinal practices, tying faith with natural science to provide an effective means of alleviating sickness. This practice was not unique to the Old World and was a major facet of Native American life as well. The duality of medicinal herbs, potions, and even objects, is linked very closely with their meaning in native religious practices. For instance, a specific herb may have no intrinsic medicinal value while at the same time it can be viewed as a curative agent due to the belief that its healing properties are tied to its spiritual meaning. Since spirituality was and still remains very closely tied with indigenous society it is easy to understand how the tribes have combined natural elements with the supernatural world.

The highly diverse nature of native societies rules out the possibility of a coherent medical philosophy. The fact that the continent of the North American contains hundreds of individual societies and cultural groups makes it difficult to thoroughly explain indigenous medical practices. However, as with all other aspects of Native American culture, there are common practices and beliefs that can be explained in order to paint a vivid picture of this ancient art. At the heart of these medical practices is the ceremony associated with the healing elements of nature. The invocation of the spiritual world in healing rituals involves complex ceremonies, ritual dance, and herbal stimulants. There are often individual consultations with respect to physical illness and a treatment method based on the practitioner’s understanding of the myriad causes of the illness—whether physical of spiritual. Following this one on one consultation, the villagers may be called upon to assist with the invocation of the spiritual realm.

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What separates native medicinal beliefs from that of the western world is that Native Americans viewed sickness as having a variety of spiritual causes. There is, of course, a physical cause but there also exists a metaphysical reason. If a village is experiencing a certain blight that has caused widespread sickness, the environmental factors as well as spiritual distemper may be taken into consideration. Once the aliment and the variety of natural and spiritual factors affecting the tribe and the individual is identified, the healer sets to work at determining the best treatment method. In most cases, a combination of herbal remedies, special prayers, and healing dances are employed—the objective of which is to purify the sick person both physically and spiritually.

Other aspects of Native American medicinal practices include the use of often mind-altering drugs such as peyote, again with a ritual invoking its healing elements, and the sweat lodge. Both have their key practices and are used to alleviate specific ailments. Used primarily throughout the southerwestern cultural region, peyote was seen as an all-purpose herb—used for medicinal, as well as social purposes. Tobacco was also smoked through ceremonial pipes for a variety of purposes—primarily as a means of transcending the gap between the spiritual world and the physical world in order to assist with healing ceremonies. Gradually, these practices were either abandoned or changed as new methods of healing were discovered or incorporated with modern medical science. Today, there exists a balance between native beliefs and medical practices and the “science” of medicine.


U.S. FDA Asks Physicians to Report Improper Drug Advertisements

Prior to 1997 in the USA, prescription medication advertising was limited to professional journals, conference display booths and face-to-face visits by sales people to dispensing pharmacists and medical professionals in their offices or clinics. Today, nearly ubiquitous advertising for any of a number of prescription drugs occurs on television, radio and in the print media through what is known as “direct-to-consumer” (DTC) marketing. Yet, vastly more marketing dollars are still spent on targeting healthcare professionals directly. On May 11, 2010, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked medical providers to help them to police drug marketing, in what is being called the “Bad Ad” program.

Who Oversees Drug Advertising in the USA?

In the United States, oversight of all prescription medications that are brought to market is the responsibility of the FDA. More specifically, at the FDA, the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), which examines and evaluates all prescription medications, regulates all drug advertising through its Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communications (DDMAC). The DDMAC is responsible for surveillance of all drug marketing material to make certain that neither false nor misleading claims are made for a given pharmaceutical.

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What is the “Bad Ad” Program?

With the growth of DTC drug marketing, advertisements targeting the public have been under increasing regulatory scrutiny. This is apparent in television commercials and other advertising, for example, where the drug marketer must list possible side effects in clear language. Yet, outside of the public marketing campaigns, the DDMAC does not have the ability itself to hear how a given pharmaceutical product is presented to a medical professional. With the advent of the “Bad Ad” program, FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg has asked medical professionals to report directly to the agency any instance of false or misleading claims regarding the marketing of a drug. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the primary US trade group representing a large number of pharmaceutical companies, issued a statement supporting the FDA program.

The Marketing of Prescription Medication

Only the United States and New Zealand allow direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising of prescription medications. And, not surprisingly, strong opinions, both for and against, abound on whether or not this practice should be allowed. Lest it be forgotten, the marketing of a product, by any manufacturer of any product, not simply pharmaceuticals, is a means to sell more of that particular product. As is often the case, but certainly when it comes to something as important as prescription medication, reasoned, informed decision making is important for the consumer. Whenever new medication is warranted for a patient, a detailed, open discussion with their healthcare provider is the highest order of the day. A consumer should never be afraid to ask their healthcare provider questions about their medications.


Heartworm Medications for Cats

In recent years, the veterinary profession has come to realize that heartworm infection is a disease which can plague cats as well as dogs. The incidence of feline heartworm disease within a given area is difficult to measure because of the difficulty surrounding diagnosing heartworm disease in cats. However, current estimates are that cases of heartworm disease in cats within a given locale probably number 10-20% of the total number of dogs infected.

Fortunately, heartworm disease in cats is fairly easy to prevent and there are many products which are used as heartworm preventive medications in cats. These products include:

  • Heartgard Plus for cats
  • Interceptor for cats
  • Revolution for cats
  • Advantage Multi for cats

Heartgard Plus Heartworm Medicine for Cats

Heartgard Plus heartworm medication for cats contains ivermectin and pyrantel as the active ingredients. Ivermectin is very effective in preventing heartworm infections, while pyrantel is effective in controlling intestinal parasites such as roundworms and hookworms. Therefore, Heartgard Plus medication for cats not only prevents heartworms but helps to control roundworms and hookworms as well.

Heartgard Plus is available in a chewable tablet which should be administered monthly. Heartgard Plus can be administered to kittens as young as 6 weeks of age.

Interceptor Heartworm Medication for Cats

Interceptor for cats contains milbemycin oxime as the active ingredient. Like Heartgard Plus, Interceptor prevents heartworms in cats and helps control roundworms and hookworms as well. Interceptor heartworm medication for cats is a flavored chewable tablet which should be administered monthly year round. Interceptor is safe for kittens 6 weeks of age or older as long as the kitten weighs more than 1.5 pounds.

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Revolution Heartworm Medicine for Cats

Revolution is also used monthly to control heartworms in cats. However, in contrast to Heartgard Plus and Interceptor which must be given orally, Revolution is a topical medication which is applied to the skin on the back of the neck or between the shoulder blades.

Revolution contains selamectin which is effective in controlling a number of different feline parasites, including:

  • heartworms
  • fleas
  • ear mites
  • roundworms
  • hookworms

Revolution may be used for kittens eight weeks of age or older. However, the manufacturer advises to use caution when administering to sick, debilitated or underweight cats.

Advantage Multi Heartworm Medication for Cats

Advantage Multi resembles Revolution in that it is a topical medication which is applied to the skin of a cat. Advantage Multi should be administered monthly, much like the other heartworm medications. Advantage Multi can be used on kittens 9 weeks of age or older, but the kitten must weigh at least 2 pounds to be a candidate for Advantage Multi administration.

Like Revolution, Advantage Multi is effective in preventing or treating several parasitic feline infections, including:

  • heartworms
  • roundworms
  • hookworms
  • ear mites
  • fleas

Choosing the Appropriate Heartworm Medication for a Cat

Cat owners have a variety of choices in heartworm medicines. For some, the convenience of a chewable flavored heartworm tablet may be preferable, while for others getting the cat to take a pill may be difficult and a topical heartworm medicine may be a better choice. Deciding what other parasites need to be dealt with can also help decide which medication is most appropriate. For many cat owners, the convenience of having a heartworm medication which also prevents fleas is appreciated.

As with any other medications, heartworm medications should always be used according to label directions. If there are doubts or questions regarding how to administer the medication, a veterinarian should be consulted.


The Mediterranean Diet Plan Improves Mood: Research Uncovers a Connection Between Diet and Depression

The Mediterranean diet plan may benefit more than just a person’s waist line. This popular diet may also offer protection from depression, according to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry (October 2009). Researchers evaluated the eating habits of 11,000 people in Spain. They found that the participants who followed the Mediterranean diet the closest decreased their risk for depression by 30 percent.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure what the connection is between this particular diet and mental health. However, they think it may be that the Mediterranean diet plan supports the healthy functioning of blood vessels, reduces inflammation, and helps cells heal from oxygen related damage. All of these effects can help reduce the likelihood for depression.

The Mediterranean Diet Menu

According to the American Heart Association, the Mediterranean diet menu consists of large quantities of vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, beans, bread, and potatoes. Many people who are on the Mediterranean diet eat around nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily.Seeds and nuts are also a part of this diet. Red meat, poultry, and fish are eaten in moderation.

The Mediterranean diet menu also includes generous amounts of foods that contain the so called good fats. Monounsaturated fats like olive oil and polyunsaturated fats such as omega-3 fatty acids contained in nuts and fish are examples of essential fats. People who closely follow the Mediterranean diet use olive oil as their main source for fat rather than dairy or animal fats.

Many of the foods on this menu such as fish, nuts, and beans are rich in selenium, a mineral necessary for maintaining good health. This may partially explain the connection between the Mediterranean diet and depression prevention. Multiple studies, including one at Texas Tech University found that selenium supplements can relieve mild to moderate depression. However, it is better to get selenium from foods rather than supplements to avoid a toxic reaction.

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Vitamin D as a Depression Remedy

Foods containing vitamin D are also showing promise as a depression remedy. A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry journal (May 2008), uncovered a possible connection between depression and a vitamin D deficiency. Researchers analyzed 1,282 seniors for depression. The participants were between the ages of 65 and 95.

Researchers found that more than a third of the depressed men and more than half of the depressed women had vitamin D deficiencies. This leads researchers to theorize that some forms of depression can be treated by eating more foods containing more vitamin D and by increasing sun exposure. The recommended daily intake for vitamin D is 600 IU.


Finding a New Doctor: The Switch From Pediatricians to Adult Docs

For young adults, transitioning from seeing their pediatrician to finding an adult doctor can be a difficult task. Forced to navigate through a sea (or a barren desert) of referrals, Yellow Pages and Internet searches, the question looms: “How do I find a good doctor?

Finding a Doctor

The first key is to evaluate what type of doctor you need. A doctor of internal medicine (“internist”) is an adult equivalent of a pediatrician. He or she should be your go-to for most common illnesses, afflictions or check-ups. An internist should also help to refer you to specialists.

The reality of modern medicine, however, is that internists are growing scarcer. Cite what you will — overwork, crowded offices and/or hospitals, uncooperative insurance or medical companies – but internists don’t look after patients the way they used to. While some relatively healthy men and women may be happy with their internists, those with special concerns (seemingly the majority) are often bypassing internists and relying on specialists instead.

To find either an internist or specialist, ask any of your former doctors for referrals. Ask friends and family. If you get a name but aren’t sure the doctor is right for you (wrong specialty or location), you can even telephone their office, explain your situation and see if they have another doctor’s name instead.

Meeting with a new doctor doesn’t mean you have to stick with him or her. If you dislike their approach or disagree with their evaluation, don’t “tough it out” to see if things get better. Giving someone a “fair shot” is one thing, but you do not owe anything to the doctor beyond showing up for the appointment on time. You should feel comfortable discussing any concerns with your doctor.

You have the option of switching to another doctor within the same office, or another office and/or hospital entirely.

What to Do

So you’ve found a doctor – hooray! But the transition isn’t yet complete. It’ll take awhile for a new doctor to really get to know you, but here are a few things to keep in mind as you take your health into your own hands:

  • You should receive a confirmation call (or letter) regarding your appointment. If you do not, inquire.
  • Start building your own medical file. Get a notebook and write down every time you have an appointment – the date, doctor’s name and the reason. In this file, keep copies of all test results. Young people tend to move locations a lot, and this will not only jog your own memory, but it is imperative for a new doctor to see what you’ve been through.
  • Also save all receipts, including prescriptions and parking. Important for tax reasons: Parking fees as well as transportation (gas mileage) can be written off.
  • Type a list of your medical history to give to any new doctor. Make sure you go through it step by step with him or her (don’t let the office simply stick it into their file.)
  • Speak up about any tests you know you need. A new doctor has known you only several months, you’ve known yourself your entire life.
  • Establish with your doctor the best way to reach him or her. Options include calling the office, voice-messaging or e-mail. Discuss the approximate amount of time in which to expect a reply.
  • Finally, make sure you bring a list of any medications being taken along with your medical history and ask questions on the spot, before the doctor leaves the office.

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Good Health!


Burning Water Instead Of Gasoline: Can “Browns Gas” Eliminate The Need For Fossil Fuels?

I recently came across your article “Fuel Saving Devices“. While the article was informative and enlightening, it did not touch base about the so called water for gas claims and/or plans for a water based hydrogen cells which are so prevalent on the internet now that gas has crashed through the $4.00 mark.

I would like to know if you, or anyone else as ever tested one of these devices, or plan to in the near future. I would really like to see someone come out with an independent test, such as yourself or a show such as Myth Busters and give an honest evaluation of one installed on a vehicle.

Thank you,

Bob Hansen


We would love to do a test of one of these devices, but so far not one company that makes them will respond to our request. We invite anyone who markets such a device to send it to us for testing and evaluation.

We have seen these products and even bought a set of plans for it. They are just a glorified lab experiment. We built one when we were in high school 40 years ago. The principal is simple, run electrical current through water and it breaks the water molecules into its component atoms, hydrogen and oxygen. You can do this with a nine-volt battery and a couple of pieces of wire.

We have serious doubts that a standard gasoline powered engine can run on pure hydrogen and even more doubts that this device can supply all the hydrogen you will need if the engine does run.

The problem with hydrogen is that it does not have any octane. So hydrogen fueled engines need to be designed differently and ignition timing is radically different for an hydrogen engine then it is for a gasoline engine.

We think we would be remiss if we did not issue a warning about these devices here. Many of these people and companies only sell you the plans; they leave it up to you to build the actual device. This protects them from lawsuits because they do give you what they say they will, a set of plans. This way when people build the device and it doesn’t work, they can’t sue the seller.

Another thing these companies fail to mention is that you need about 5 watts of fuel energy to power these devices. So let’s look at this from an objective point of view and assume for a moment this device does work and the engine will run.

You take a gallon of water and put it into your fuel tank. You use this device to convert the water into H and O2. You burn it and it converts back to water and instead of throwing it out the tail pipe, you put it back into your tank to start the process all over again. Sounds like a perpetual motion machine. Something that many scientists have proven to be impossible with the technology we have today; and which may be impossible to build at all.

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Is Drug Rehab or Alcohol Addiction Something You Can Treat at Home

For many people there is a resistance going to a rehab program for either alcohol problems or a drug addiction issue involving cocaine, prescription drugs abuse , meth or other substances. Is someone kidding themselves that they can do this at home? What are the issues involved in getting clean?

First of all, everyone will be reluctant to go to a rehab program and make excuses such as that it conflicts with work, the time isn’t right, won’t work with family obligations and many other postponements. There is never a perfect time to take a month off from your life. It is very easy to come up with a million reasons why this is the wrong time. This is one of the reasons why for an alcoholic intervention or an intervention for drug abuse, that a rehab place is already picked out and arrangements are made in advance.

There are people however that have been successful at stopping drinking by using local support groups such as alcoholics anonymous. Some people go to several meetings a week, call their sponsors regularly and between the meetings, counseling and going to a religious organization find that they are maintaining sobriety. The same can be true about narcotics anonymous meetings and some individuals having success through this. Keep in mind that someone needs to be highly motivated to succeed, sick of their lives and be tired of lying to themselves and others. For situations where there is going to be a physical withdrawal, a detox unit may be necessary as well as medications that will enable someone to taper down and avoid the shaking and side effects of withdrawal from alcohol or prescription drug abuse.

A rehab treatment program that is thirty days has the advantages that someone is freed from the environment that may keep causing the stressors and reactions which lead to substance abuse or alcoholism. Everyone is closely monitored to avoid cheating and there is intensive therapy both individually and in group. By getting into these issues, the root causes can be understood and eliminated as one moves towards healing.

There are success and failure stories of both inpatient rehab treatment programs as well as those using outpatient counseling and support groups from home to overcome drug addiction and alcohol abuse. One needs to look at their level of motivation, temperament and use complete self-honesty in making this decision as one compares these two approaches for healing from drugs or alcohol. But if you are going to take our advice, I would tell you to choose a rehab center over home treatment just because going to drug rehab center is much easier than staying home and fighting the addiction yourself, I know you might be nervous to go a rehab center but you will be glad you did it. Why am I telling you this? Because I have been through this before, the drug rehab center I went to was in South Florida and I only have good things to say about those guys, you can visit their site here, Before I went and joined, I was just as nervous and confused as you probably are right now but in the end, it was all worth it and a great experience.


Basic Information on Lung Cancer, Causes and Symptoms

Tumors interfere with the main function of the lung which is to provide oxygen to the body through the bloodstream and to get rid of carbon dioxide from the body. Tumors can be benign or malignant. A benign tumor is not life-threatening unlike a malignant tumor which grows aggressively, invading other tissues of the body by spreading through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. This process of spread is termed metastasis.

Causes of Lung Cancer

Smoking of tobacco is the primary cause of lung cancer and accounts for 90% of lung cancer cases. A person who smokes two or more packs of cigarettes a day has a high risk of developing lung cancer – 30 to 40 times higher than a non-smoker. Research has shown that tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds, many of which are carcinogenic. Carcinogens are a class of substances that damage DNA and aid in development of cancer.

Passive smoking or second-hand smoking is another risk factor for development of lung cancer. This is where a person inhales smoke from another person who smokes. This usually happens with people who share a room either at home or in the workplace.

Radon gas is another cause of lung cancer. Radon gas is a radioactive gas (chemically inert gas, a decay product of uranium). It is an odorless gas that can pass through soil and get trapped in houses and buildings. Other causes of lung cancer are chemicals such as asbestos and arsenic; radiation such as gamma and x-rays; the sun and car exhaust fumes.

Recent studies have shown that people whose diet consists of few or no fruits and vegetables are more likely to develop lung cancer.

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Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Symptoms of lung cancer vary and depend on the site of the body where cancer has grown, where it has spread to and the size of the tumor. The symptoms do not appear in the early stages of the disease. The following are the symptoms of lung cancer:

  • persistent cough
  • chest/shoulder pain
  • difficulty in breathing and swallowing
  • swelling in the neck and face
  • hoarse voice
  • thickening of the tips of the fingers
  • weight loss
  • fatigue
  • pneumonia
  • coughing up blood
  • pain in joints or bones
  • headache
  • seizure

It is a fact that lung cancer is one of the most common cancers all over the world. If people who are addicted to cigarette smoking quit the habit, there would be a reduction of development of cancer and eventually the person would return to a healthy state. According to studies done on lung cancer, it was found that the disease is common in men. In the case of women, as from the year 1987, more have died each year of lung cancer than breast cancer.


How to Save Energy – Energy-Efficient Winter Heating

Autumn and winter cause temperatures to drop rapidly, especially at night, and keeping the house warm throughout the winter can be expensive; fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to warm a house or apartment during fall and winter without spending a fortune on heating costs. Energy-efficient methods of heating the house and saving money benefit the family, the environment and the checkbook. Use a few simple methods to stay warmer and save money.

Clean Technologies For Cooling And Heating Your Home

Energy Efficient Heating – Winter Heating Costs

Saving money while heating the house efficiently are two easy ways to help the environment and stay warmer. Simple things like the way the curtains are used during the day and at night can make a big difference in keeping the house warm. Open the curtains during the day to let sunlight into the house, and close them at night to help keep the heat in. This is a simple step to keeping the house a few degrees warmer, and it can save a great deal of money.

Ensure that the house is properly insulated. Good insulation on a house is key to keeping the heat inside and circulating instead of escaping through the walls and seals of the home. Properly insulating a house can save energy and money throughout the entire year by helping to regulate the temperature and creating energy efficient heating.

Energy Efficient Windows – Sealing Heat Inside

Check all windows at the beginning of autumn to ensure that there are no leaks, cracked seals or broken windows. These can quickly become a major heat and energy drain on the home, causing cold air to enter the house and lowering the temperature throughout the day and night. Seal windows and exterior doors with fresh caulk to help prevent costly leaks.

Winter Heating Methods – Keeping the House Warm

Heating the house during fall and winter can be a challenge, as heating the home is expensive and uses a great deal of energy. Heating the house properly can keep energy use and costs lower. Turn the heat down during the day when no one is home. Lowering heat use for an empty house saves both energy and money.

Keep the heat at a low but comfortable temperature throughout the winter and use a fireplace, sweaters and blankets to stay warm instead of using unnecessary energy. Close all interior doors during the day to keep heat within a room and ensure that it feels warmer.

Electric Heating Systems – What are the Benefits of a Boiler?

Electric heating systems are an energy-efficient method of turning electricity into heat for the home. Although they do require a boiler for houses and apartment units, there are a number of advantages to using an electric heating system. The heating system works quickly, lasts for many years, can be adjusted on a room-to-room basis and operates quietly within the house.

Installing an electric heating system with a boiler is a costly way to improve home heating, but its energy efficiency and long-term benefits make this a good option for homeowners who are looking to decrease the environmental impact of their home.

Keeping the house warm during autumn and winter can be a chore. Following a few simple methods, such as lowering the heat during the day and leaving the curtains open to catch natural heat, can help maintain a comfortable home temperature without damaging a bank balance or the environment.

Also think about getting an air purifier in your home, it might not save you a ton of money on your bill but it will make the air around you clean and fresh. You can read more about air purifiers at, official site for Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers.