Cajon Drum Maintenance

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Cajon drum; the name itself has the ability to get everybody riled up to have a wonderful musical session. In the western world, the popularity of Cajon drum is ever growing. Although it has originated in Africa and has its base in Latin America, nowadays it that has been making waves across the different platforms of music around the world. Most of the music producers have at one point in time made use of a cajon drum, just so that they can add a layer of diversity to their music.

Perhaps, due to the very famous bands like Coldplay making use of cajon drums in their songs, a lot of artists have now started emulating that. Of course, the music is a lot different with the use of cajon drum, and even when nostalgic songs are played on a cajon drum, they still have a sense of merriment. Most artists have also started incorporating performances of the cajon drum in their live shows, adding a touch of flair.

According to popular perception, simply purchasing the cajon drum and keeping it in one corner of your room, only to be played when you deem fit to do so is not something that you would want to do for any musical instrument. Of course, it requires ample care and maintenance, and therefore you need to keep that into account when you are looking at purchasing the cajon drum for your own house.

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Unlike most of the other drums in the market, the cajon drums are only to be played with your hands. The head of the drum is extremely delicate and has not been designed for aggressive drum playing that you might see with other types of drums. It is only to be played with your hands and with the palm of your hands only. Moreover, you also have to ensure that there is no considerable damage to the drum by tapping to the rhythm and beats rather than aggressively playing it with your hands.

Another maintenance tip for you would be to always detune your drum when you are not using it. For any drum type, there is a certain tension that needs to be given to the head of the drum in order to maintain the perfect pitch. If that tension remains for a long time and you are not using the drums, then over some time, the tension would be lost. By keeping the drum head in constant tension, it will cause irreversible damage, which will ruin the sound of the drums.

To ensure that you can extend the longevity of the cajon drum, it is always important for you to take care of the skin of the drum at all times. By keeping it detuned, not only would you have an authentic beat from the drums, but the longevity of the drums would be increased by at least 50%.

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