Which Is Better? Freelance Tutors or Tutoring Companies

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Online tutoring companies are all the rage nowadays. You would be able to make use of their services from any corner of the world, making them accessible at all times. Primarily, the online tutoring companies are located in Third World countries, and offer their services at extremely low prices, making it attractive for the people living in first world countries to hire their services. Currently, if you take a tutoring service in any first world country, a cost of about $ 60-100 per hour can be easily foreseen. However, in the same context, the person from a developing country would take about $ 25-$ 30 per hour for the same amount of knowledge which is to be imparted.

So, should you go for tutoring companies? Well, as the demand continues to grow for online tutoring, a lot of tutoring companies have started to spring up. Generally, tutoring companies like Hey Tutor offer a wide variety of subjects in the form of tutoring, and the students can go for a certain package whereby they can get tutoring for all the subjects at a discount. This is extremely desirable for parents that only have a limited budget, and would want to focus on getting proper tutoring at the lowest possible price. What is also welcoming is the fact that you can get all the tutoring services under a single organization, therefore not having to search for other tutoring services all throughout the Internet.

However, the tutoring companies also have a few disadvantages. They are not able to provide a one-on-one tutoring session, as they would have to provide the tutoring services to a lot of students at the same time so that they would turn out to be profitable. Moreover, since they provide an umbrella service, they do not have the leaders of that particular subject tutoring on that subject to the student. What this means is that a lot of critical knowledge may not be passed on to the student, therefore leading to an obvious lack in knowledge about the subject.

On the other hand, going for freelance tutoring services is a wonderful way for students to get proper education on a particular subject. The costs may also be lower than a tutoring company, but at the same time, you would have to search a long time in order to find out the ideal person for the job. Moreover, hiring a freelance tutor also leads to the problem of you searching for some other tutors for other subjects that are not taught by the freelance tutor. So, although you have vast computing power of the Internet by your side, searching for quality freelance tutoring services can prove to be quite a problem.

However, the advantages of freelance tutoring include a one-on-one session with the student, leading to debunking of any kind of problems that the student may have as well as providing in-depth knowledge about that subject.

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