The Bestseller For Nintendo: Mario

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When the character of Mario was first introduced to Nintendo, which was in the year 1981, it was initially to be a cameo in the game which was popularly known as Donkey Kong. Of course, it wasn’t as popular as Donkey Kong, but Mario finally got his own game called Super Mario Bros and what would change everything! It is this success which spanned a total of about four years that led to the release of different versions of Mario and it went on to create humongous sales for Nintendo as a company. The mind blowing success that Mario went on to gain not only became a flagship feature for Nintendo, but it was considered to be extremely lucky for the entire gaming company as a whole.

Luigi, the character of the brother for Mario was created on this super Mario Bros game, and with many different versions, he and Mario would join together to rescue the princess. Performing the stages of the game, while at the same time maintaining the perfect health of Mario became the initiative of gamers across the world. Little by little, game by game, Mario started getting more powers, things like his ability to fly, throw hammers, swim, and crush enemies in a whole new method went on to make headlines for the people that would consider themselves ardent followers of the Mario Fan Club. Constantly defending the kingdom from any kind of harmful elements that were thrown against him became the job profile of Mario.

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Behind the game itself, Nintendo went on to secure a wonderful lead over all the other game developers due to the immense popularity of Mario. Of course, achieving such a height of popularity also went to the head of Nintendo gaming, and they brought out exclusive consoles which would only play Mario games. However, that did not work out well, and they ended up losing a fair bit of revenue on it. This is when they started introducing Mario in the form of other games such as football, tennis and golf.

With more and more people looking at the ever increasing popularity of Mario and the cult following that it had been able to gain within a certain period of time, not playing Mario started to go against the popular culture. So a lot of people picked up the Mario games, which only led to the increased revenue of Nintendo. Arcade games would go on to make Mario more popular, and when the home console came into existence, Mario sales skyrocketed once again.

One can obviously say that Nintendo owes a lot of its success to Mario, simply because of the fact that he would be an endearing character to the entire gaming community, so much so that he started spawning many new games that would bear the flagship of his name.

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