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A Monumental Run Through Washington, D.C. A Classic Running Route Takes You Through the Heart of D.C.

For someone who is an avid runner or jogger living in Washington, D.C., or a visitor looking to get some exercise and sightsee at the same time, the United State’s capital has some great running options. Here’s a classic route that is approximately six miles long and will allow a runner to see a variety of D.C. landmarks.

Start on Capitol Hill

The route starts on Capitol Hill at the corner of 2nd and East Capitol Streets N.E., where runners will get a great view of the U.S. Capitol dome, the majestic U.S. Supreme Court, and the Folger Shakespeare Library. Run east on East Capitol Street (away from the Capitol Building), past beautiful old townhouses. Runners will come upon Lincoln Park at 11th Street. They should run around the perimeter of the park, but should be sure to take a quick rest to see the Emancipation Memorial and the statue dedicated to African-American civil rights leader Mary McLeod Bethune.

After making the loop around the park, runners should head back west toward the Capitol Building on Massachusetts Avenue N.E. When they get to Stanton Park at 6th Street N.E., they should take a quick look at the townhouse at 227 6th Street. President Barack Obama rented an apartment here when he served in the Senate. They should then cross the street and run around the perimeter of the park, and admire the statue of Revolutionary War Major General Nathanael Greene in the middle of this urban green space.

When runners get to the other side of the park on 4th Street, they should head down Maryland Avenue toward the U.S. Capitol. They should run two blocks and make a right onto Constitution Avenue. As they head down Constitution, they’ll pass the U.S. Capitol on their left and the Senate office buildings on their right. Depending on the time of day, if they’re lucky, they might see a Senator or two walking to the Capitol for a vote.

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Past the White House

Runners should head down the hill and make a slight right onto America’s main street, Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., where many a presidential inaugural parade has been held. They should run for about nine blocks, taking notice of the FBI headquarters and the historic Willard Hotel. They should then make a right onto 15th Street, go about three blocks, and make a left onto Pennsylvania Avenue. This section of the street is pedestrian only, and will take you right past the White House.

Through Constitution Gardens

Runners should make a left on 17th Street N.W., and run down the street for about six blocks until they reach Constitution Avenue. They should cross Constitution and turn right, and then eventually make their way into Constitution Gardens Park on their left. Following the pathways, they should make their way past the somber Vietnam Veterans Memorial and over to the Lincoln Memorial. All runners should take a breather and pay homage to our 16th President at this magnificent monument, but out of respect for this sacred place, everyone should walk up the steps quietly if they want a closer look. There is no running allowed.

Up the National Mall to the End

From the Lincoln Memorial, runners should run east alongside the Reflecting Pool. At the far end of the pool, they will pass the World War II Memorial. After crossing the street onto the grounds of the Washington Monument, they should continue on, crossing 15th and then 14th Streets to get onto the National Mall. They should run the length of the Mall, passing the iconic Smithsonian Castle and other Smithsonian museums.

Runners should keep going toward the U.S. Capitol. At this point they should gather what energy they have left to run up Capitol Hill, past the chambers of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. When they get to the top, they’ve earned the right to walk the rest of the way across the grounds and onto East Capitol Street, where one more block will take them back to the place they started.


US Dollar and Gold Forecast for 2011 – Did they get it right?

We know the US dollar in 2011 turned pretty well in early May, although it was not as impulsive as we had projected coming off the lows. It seemed to be playing out fine with higher lows and higher highs so far, as it progressed into the second week in July 2011. But the Tuesday’s (12th July) reversal away from resistance has been harder than expected, specifically as we had forecast the change in US Dollar trend has turned from down to up. Maybe something else is going on?

The problem with this week’s action is the resistance from the lower line of the US Dollar Index chart and continues to hold. It really needs to get back above that line, which is now in the vicinity of 76.70 (and rising) to show evidence that the trend is truly changing. If it can’t, and at this point it seems it cannot, then the US Dollar Index still has the potential to not only test 71.33 again but even to break it. The potential is for it to test 68 – 70, which would put it into a “spring” (down spike flushing out the bulls and then a sudden reversal to the dollar trend pushing it higher) position against the 2008 low.

The stalemate in Washington over the US Debt and budget is one obvious potential catalyst for a US dollar collapse. It hardly needs to be said that the failure to reach agreement is a serious problem, because it places doubt in the mind of debt buyers whether the full good faith and credit of the USA is really what they thought it was. Confidence was already injured with the US Dollar drop of 2010-2011, if this impasse goes much further it could be permanently damaged – and confidence is everything in a fiat world.

Therefore, I would not want anyone to place all their eggs in one basket here. Keep an open mind. I would forecast that in this environment a lower US Dollar would lead to the last rally in precious metals and some commodities for a while. And for a lower stock market. So far, evidence is growing that a bull trap is being built for stocks in 2011.

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Gold forecast 2011: Central banks withdrew about 632 metric tons of gold from deposits at the Bank for International Settlements in the year ended March 31, the most in at least eight years. Gold deposits at the BIS fell to about 729 tons, from 1,360 tons the previous year, according to its annual report. Which begs the question – if CB’s are so enamored of paper money and so dismissive of gold bullion, why are they stockpiling gold? We all know the answer to that one.

Gold tested the lower band and has had a big rally since last week; it’s now back up to important resistance. If it is short-term bullish it should leap to new highs; but if it gets rejected by 1557 resistance, or has a false breakout and reversal, that will spark a short-term sell signal. The possibility which must be considered, is that we have seen a top in commodities that may last another 12 to 18 months. I am staying cautious about the outlook until I can get more conviction.

Trading Gold using a Mechanical system: One model suggests gold will tag along with a summer rebound attempt in silver, so let’s watch for that. Once the summer 2011 rebound is over though, I am looking for gold to correct back to test its support at 1425.


Back to School Fashions for Girls in Fall

Back to school time is just around the corner, and department stores are beginning to display what will be hot in the hallways of schools across America. With tweens and teens, clothing should be age appropriate, yet stylish. Fortunately, many of the back to school trends are pieces that can be mixed and matched to get extra mileage out of a wardrobe, and out of a wallet! Get a leg up on back to school shopping with this list of items that are hot for fall.


leggings that are made to look like jeans are all the rage this year. They are extremely versatile and can be worn with long tanks, tees, asymmetrical vests, and much more. Juicy Couture has a very popular pair that can be found at

Striped tees

Tees with nautical stripes are summer staples, but can be worn to kick the school year off with style.

Flowing Layering Pieces

Free flowing cardigans, wraps, and vests are a quick way to extend summer fashions into the fall. They can be worn over favorite summer tanks and tees, and create an easy, unfussy look when paired with jeggins.

Billowing Dresses

Long, flowing dresses will sweep from summer into fall for back to school time. They can be paired with flowing layering pieces and boots when the temperature begins to drop.

Plaid Button Down Tops

Plaid button down tops have been a back to school staple for a few years, and have yet to lose their appeal. They can be worn buttoned up or open with a tee shirt underneath. Some styles are longer and can be worn belted over plain leggings or jeggins.

Denim Mini Skirts

Denim mini skirts are a wardrobe basic and stylish girls will wear them with favorite tops and tunics. They can make their way well into fall with leggings worn underneath.

Fair Isle Knit

The pretty Fair Isle knit keeps things girly for back to school. Found on sweaters, cardigans, dresses and socks, it is a soft and snuggly knit to welcome fall in style.

Denim Jackets

The Gap made the jean jacket iconic years ago, but it still makes current back to school lists due to its versatility. It can be worn as a jacket, or with other wardrobe pieces to create a ‘look’.

Embellished flats

Embellished flats can add a little glamour to leggings and dresses. There are many styles of embellished flats from dainty with bows, to edgier types with studs and various textures. They can be found in a variety of shoe stores with varying price points.

Funky Accessories

Accessories add spice to any outfits. Girls with pierced ears can be on trend with studs, dangling earrings, and the new styles made with feathers. Stacks of bracelets are being worn, especially Silly Bands. Silly bands are bracelets that bend back to their original shape when taken off, and come in the form of different animals and shapes.

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Prevent Mold From Growing in Your Home

Prevent Mold in Your Home

  • Do not put carpet in your bathroom or basement.
  • Mold loves soap film so regularly clean surfaces like shower curtains, tiles, grout, and other bathroom areas with a product certified to kill mold and mildew.
  • Clean your shower floor regularly.
  • Don’t over-water houseplants.
  • Store firewood outside.
  • Check into adding mold inhibitors into paint when you buy a new can.
  • Regularly inspect carpet on concrete floors as carpet can absorb moisture.
  • Use your exhaust fan when cooking.
  • Regularly check and repair the caulking and grout in bathtubs and showers.
  • Ventilate whenever possible. If you home has a ventilation fan, use it.
  • Keep doors and windows open whenever possible.
  • Regularly clean ducts in your home’s heating and cooling systems. Remove and replace any insulation around air ducts that get wet; they cannot be adequately cleaned.
  • Vacuum all areas of your home often, preferably with a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This includes furniture and drapes as well as carpets.
  • Keep other surfaces clean with a product designed to kill household mold.
  • Cut the clutter in your house. This will improve air circulation and decrease the areas where mold can thrive.
  • Regularly clean your furnace filter. Replace it before it is completely clogged.
  • Check your roof for places water can enter and keep your eavestroughs clean. Do this often.
  • Make sure the grade of your lawn slopes away from to your home to keep water from pooling beside your home’s walls.
  • Routinely clean your home with a product designed to kill mold.
Lets get rid of mold

Control Humidity

The key factor in keeping mold from growing in your home is to control the level of humidity. Mold cannot grow without moisture, humidity is one of the biggest factors in helping white mold on wood spread.

  • Fix leaks immediately.
  • When showering turn on your exhaust fan and, if possible, open a window.
  • Vent moisture sources to the outside (dryer, dishwasher, bathroom fans, stove exhaust fan, etc.). Ensure they are not being vented into your home.
  • Use fans to circulate air.
  • Use a dehumidifier if your home’s humidity level is out of control. Close the windows when the dehumidifier is in use.
  • Turn your humidifier down if you have moisture collecting on your windows.

Indoor Humidity Levels

According to The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, the following indoor humidity levels should be in place in your home in relation to the outdoor temperature.

+20 F. – 35%

+10 F. – 30%

0 F. – 25%

-10 F. – 20%

-20 F. – 15%

A humidity level above 45% provides ideal conditions for mold growth and should be avoided.

To test the moisture level in your home, consider buying a hygrometer. They start at around $15 and can be found at most home improvement stores and on the Internet.

Water-Damaged Areas

Water enters homes when there is a structural weakness. Moisture can accumulate if the home isn’t ventilated enough or properly. Water damage also occurs from leaks within the house. Any areas of your home that have been subjected to water damage need to be cleaned immediately. Absorbent materials like drywall, ceiling tiles, and carpet that are moldy need to be replaced.

Mold growth can occur in just 48 hours with the proper moisture level, food source, and room-temperature conditions.

It is also important to take steps to prevent future water-damage. Prevention is usually less costly and less time consuming than cleaning up after the fact. According to Vicki Lankarge, author of “What Every Home Owner Needs To Know About Mold“, the top three sources of home water damage are burst washing machine hoses, leaks from shower tile grout, and ruptured water heaters.

By taking steps to prevent mold from growing in your house, your home and your family will be healthier for it.


Talk to Your Agent to Lower Your Auto Insurance Rate

Improve Auto Insurance Rates

We are all wondering if there is a way to get a better rate on our Auto Insurance. What can we say? Who doesn’t like to save money?

I had several disadvantages when first setting up my insurance. I was under the age of 25. That automatically increases the rate of my auto insurance; there is no way to get around that one. Number two, I was in a minor car accident two and a half years prior to setting up my insurance. Oh, and did I mention the accident was my fault? That of course, was not in my favor and did not help my situation out at all. The insurance company though, did let me know that if I have a clean record for three to five years, then it would reduce my insurance rate.

Car insurance in Texas

So, once that three year mark hit, I called them straight up. I was going to do anything I could to get a better rate on my insurance! I was done paying for a mistake that happened three years ago. In all honesty, I was a little demanding while talking to my agent. I was determined to not hang up that phone call until I had lowered my insurance rate and have done everything in my power to do so. Want to save a ton of money on your car insurance? Well you can if you check out the best car insurance quotes for Illinois.

I told my agent it had been officially over three years since that accident had occurred and after a little pushing, he told me he could drop my monthly payments a little. That made me feel better about it already, but I figured, why not push a little farther? I asked my insurance agent many questions. I knew that there had to be more I could do to get a better insurance rate.

Turns out, there is a device they can install in your car, and it is somehow able to track how fast or how steady you come to a stop, etc. To sum it up, your insurance rate is affected by the way you drive. This was new to me. I have never heard of something like that. This would be an awesome thing to do if I was an epic driver. Since driving is not my best skill, I decided I had better not do that because I was afraid it would increase my monthly insurance payments rather than working as a benefit. My agent also told me my credit score was good which definitely helps, but that was already positively affecting my payments. Apparently, marital status affects it as well. That was a plus for me because I was just recently married a few months before then. I gave him all of that information which also caused it to decrease as well. My insurance rate ended up being lowered by about thirty percent. I was super happy!

I came to find that there are many aspects that influence the rate of auto insurance. Where you live, what you job is and how much you use your vehicle; this all affects it. A good credit score and having a clean record will always be beneficial when it comes to insurance rates! Call and get the most you can out of your insurance company.


How Do I Detect Bed Bugs

Bed bugs infestation is getting more common these days. These small insects find many hiding place in the room and crawl out during dark to bite a person. At one time or another, homeowner needs to learn about the possibility of bed bugs in the room and how to get rid of them. You must probably be thinking ‘how do I detect bed bugs‘ as you have no knowledge about the beg bugs. However the information here will not only help you identify bed bugs but will also guide you to understand whether bed bugs are crawling their way in your room!

How do I find bed bugs?

Looking out for bite marks reveals the presence of these beds bugs. Once bitten a rash similar to the one of the mosquito bite appears on the skin and is very itchy. These bites will appear mostly on the arms and legs and unlike the mosquito bites there will be more bites in a row and much itchier. A sudden check at night can also help you find bed bug. If in the dark of night you quickly get up and switch light there is a strong probably that you will spot these bed bugs.

Bed bugs are microscopic and so can be difficult to trace. If you wake up with red, itchy welts all over your body then there is immediate reason for concern. Asking a doctor would be the most surefire way to know. Another option is to purchase bed bug killer, steamer or any other product that is guaranteed to rid the bed of these critters. If a few of these products are used and there are still bugs in your bed then it is perhaps another type of species. What Else To Do To Know How Do I Detect Bed Bugs

Checking out the trails of bed bugs can also help. These insects are small and first so will sneak to their hidden places quickly but can leave behind traces of small waste and blood on bed which strongly indicates their presence.

If you feel there are chances of bed bug in your room buy a bed bug spray and use it in some corners to check. If the bed bugs are there they will crawl out of the cracks with speed this is one quick way to spot this creature. Finally a better way is to get professional help (call Mesa bed bug expert today to get professional help). Although this way to detect bed bugs will cost more but these professionals will not only thoroughly check for bed bugs but will also help eliminate them. This will definitely ease your mind of the nagging question of ‘how do I detect bed bugs‘.

Check your bedding for reddish, brown or black debris. This will be either blood or fecal matter that has escaped the bugs. One may also be able to find eggs. Another great method for finding out if their is concern for bed bugs is to trap them. If they are trapped, the problem is not solved but at least the issue is identified. This at least allows you to understand the implications and develop a plan of action based upon what you know the problem to be.


Control Summer Bugs with Insect Repellents

The average backyard contains up to 1,000 different insects. Fortunately only 10 per cent of these are destructive or harmful to man and plants. Modern weaponry includes foggers that spray clouds of gas over your yard, mosquito-zappers that electrocute them, coils that smoke them and liquids that repel them. But going green will also help deter the pests and you won’t be harming yourself or the environment.

Mosquito and Blackfly Repellents

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in winter and melting snow and excessive rain provides perfect breeding pools to cause a soar in the mosquito population. Larvae develop in 10 to 30 days. Since different species lay their eggs at different times, mosquitoes proliferate throughout the summer and fall.

More than 70 species exist in Canada and almost all use mammalian blood to produce eggs but only the female mosquito bites. Her favorite meal time is sunrise and sunset when light, heat and humidity is perfect.

The pesky blackflies are expected to reach their peak in the first two weeks in June and while their season in Southeastern Ontario lasts only about two weeks, it feels like forever.It’s difficult to recognize the bloodthirsty little beasts but if you look closely they are black and humpbacked, not sleek like a mosquito.

Blackflies make their insidious way through shirt sleeve cuffs, up pant legs, through button-holes and any other available openings. Since their bite is initially painless, it’s hard to know you’ve been bitten until the swelling.They inject a salivary secretion of anti-coagulants into their victim’s flesh to prevent clotting since clots can clog their proboscises.

Most people are aware of insect repellents and use them. The most effective ingredient used is dietyhltoluamide, commonly known as DEET. They are easily available at any pharmacy, grocery or hardware store.

Repellents with a DEET concentration of 100 per cent last for up to eight hours. The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that repellents used on children contain no more that 10% DEET and that parents should assist children in apply the products.

Use Natural Insect Repellents and Strategies to Curb Insects

Natural insect repellents strategies, however, can lessen or eliminate the need for such harsh measures. The most important measure you can take is to eliminate standing water, thereby not giving mosquitoes a chance to breed. Change bird baths, wading pools and pet water dishes at least twice a week and more often, if you can and remove sundry items that hold water.

Natural insect repellents range from citronella and neem oil to eucalyptus and thyme. Certainly, none of them will hurt you.

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Sandflies, Earwigs and Other Pests

DEET and other repellents can also be used on sandflies, tiny midges that can crawl through standard window screens. Their bites are painless but the resulting swelling can be quite painful. Sandflies and other biting midges are strongly attracted to light so keep the lights off in your tent or cottage when you are elsewhere.

European earwigs are pests that have increased in numbers in the last few years. Experts say the growth in population may be due to a lack of natural predators.

The best way to keep the critters away is to clear front and backyards of debris, as earwigs will hide under anything. They are nocturnal feeders and hide by day in the soil and garden debris. They lay their eggs in the top two inches of soil and can be carried indoors on a child’s shoe or creep through door and window cracks.

Tomato plants (but not the tomatoes) and impatiens are disliked by earwigs but they will munch holes in most vegetable leaves, attack seedlings, carrots, beans and beets. Diatomaceous earth, the naturally-occurring remains of hard-shelled algae, comes in an abrasive powder that can be sprinkled around plants as a defence against earwigs and other soft-bodied garden pests. Diatomaceous earth can be found at most garden stores. You can also trap earwigs in a shallow container half-filled with vegetable oil. If you must use pesticides May, June and July are the months to do so.


Sinus Infection Signs and Symptoms in Children with Stuffy Noses

A serious sinus infection can be very painful for kids, and needs a doctor’s care. Properly armed with information about sinus infection signs and symptoms in children, parents can decide when to call the doctor for a stuffy nose, and when to wait for symptoms to get better.

Sinusitis in Children

Sinusitis is another name for an infection of the sinus cavity, which can be caused by a virus, a bacteria or a fungus. Once infected, the sinus cavity becomes irritated and inflamed. There are two types of sinus infection in children:

  • Acute Sinusitis – Patients with acute sinusitis only experience symptoms for two to eight weeks.
  • Chronic Sinusitis – Chronic sinusitis is a condition in which sinus infections recur frequently over time.

Colds and allergies, which cause an increased amount of mucus in the sinus cavity, can result in a sinus infection. Various problems with the nose, such as a deviated septum or bone spurs in the nose, can also block the passage of mucus in the sinuses, providing a place for bacteria to grow.

Signs and Symptoms of Sinus Infection in Children

Sinus infection signs and symptoms in children can be observed over time. It’s important to keep track of how long a child has been ill, and when each symptom began. Children with allergies are at risk for sinus infections, due to the constant production of mucus from allergic reactions.

  • Sinus infections are often the culprit when a child has a cold, appears to get better, and then starts getting sicker again.
  • When nasal discharge is dark, and the child has had a high fever for several days, he may be suffering from a sinus infection.
  • A long-term runny or stuffy nose (how to get rid of stuffy nose) that doesn’t get better after a week and a half may indicate a sinus infection in a child.

Allergy and Sinus Relief for Kids

Allergy and sinus relief for kids can help reduce inflammation and clear out sinuses before an infection develops. Avoiding allergens and getting allergy shots can also help prevent the allergy attacks that result in the development of a sinus infection. Help kids get relief from sinus pain with home treatments recommended by the U.S. National Library of Medicine:

  • Application of a warm, wet washcloth to the child’s forehead, nose and cheek area, several times daily.
  • Encourage a child suffering from sinusitis to drink lots of fluids, which will thin the mucus and help it drain.
  • Sit with the child in the bathroom, with the shower running so they can inhale the steam. Do not put the child in the shower or bath with hot water running, they will get plenty of steam by sitting outside of the shower.
  • Keep a humidifier by the child’s bed, to moisten the air they breathe.

How to Save Money and Earn Cashback Rewards on Internet Shopping

One of the greatest elements of internet shopping is the potential for consumers to find bargains and save money off their shopping with just a few clicks. Saving money online is a crucial part of internet shopping; and it is considered beneficial too. Here are some tips on how to save money online.

Compare Prices Before Buying

Internet shopping has been made easier by the presence of comparison sites. Although many shoppers would associate these sites with insurance products and cars, the same principal can also be applied to retail shopping. Leading comparison sites such as allow users to browse and compare the prices of just about anything that can be bought from various retailers. Various comparison sites exist for the same purpose so competition is rife and, as a result, they do not include every retailer or business. For that reason, it might be worthwhile to browse through a few comparison sites before buying a product in order to find the best deal as sometimes prices vary.

Use Promotional Codes and Discount Vouchers

This is the next step that allows online shoppers to save more once they’ve found good deal. Vouchers codes are a godsend to many shoppers who can use them at the checkout to obtain a further discount on their purchase. And promotional codes give peace of mind as they offer shoppers the option to buy now and pay later (BNPL), giving them the opportunity to spread the cost over several months and avoid paying interest. Nowadays promotional and discount codes are readily given by retailers who are eager to entice online shoppers – all in the name of increasing online sales.

Retailers usually email the codes to their most prolific customers or those who have been inactive for a while in order to encourage them to start spending again. However, the majority of the time, codes can be obtained from specialist websites such as, or supreme bot (helps you find the lowest prices in NYC) who offer exclusive promotional codes and discount vouchers from time to time. Again, as there are numerous sites available so it is worth checking a few for the best and most suitable codes.


Discover Cash Back

Get Cashback Rewards on All Purchases

Getting cashback on purchases made online is another way of saving money and earning rewards, too. Websites such as, for example, offer members the opportunity to earn cashback on purchases made via them. Insurance and financial products such as credit cards, bank accounts and loans tend to attract higher cashback rewards but shoppers can also earn notable rewards on their shopping from hundreds of retailers. The important thing is to remember to go through a cashback site before making a purchase and the rewards will eventually add up to a big payout.

Cashback sites also offer exclusive promotional and discount codes. But be wary when using such codes and only use those issued by the relevant cashback site as many of them specify that codes obtained from third parties will nullify cashback rewards on the purchase thus making the whole transaction pointless.


Evaluating Your Debt

Many people have debt of some sort in their lives and feel that they will never get rid of it. This is not true, but you need to take steps to work on getting rid of your debt. If you just continue on in the same way you are now, you likely will not make much progress.

What type of debt do you have?

If your debt tends to be attributed to consumer goods and credit cards, it is likely that the majority of your payment is going to accrue interest, especially if you are only making the minimum payment required. In order to get rid of this faster, you need to pay more each month. Even if all you can manage is an extra ten or twenty dollars, it is worth putting it towards the debt, as it will go directly towards the principal. In turn, the interest will be less the next month. Continue putting in extra each month and you will be rid of it sooner.

Extra payments are helpful

Car and house debt work differently as they are on a finite schedule. The balance you owe and your interest rate will determine how much interest you are paying, but you will see progress. Again, any extra money you can put towards this debt is beneficial as it goes to the principal, and you will see it go down faster. If you can make a couple extra payments a year, it can decrease a mortgage by years and a car loan by many months.

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Check your Lifestyle

If you do not think you can find an extra twenty dollars a month, think about which is more important – paying off the debt or your current lifestyle? Look at what you are spending your money on – do you buy lunch every day at work, do you stop at a coffee shop for your morning coffee? Maybe you have the super deluxe cable package. Can you find something that you can cut back on? You will be amazed at the money you can find when you look for it and make a few changes. Before long you will be amazed as how much money you are saving.


Low Blood Sugar Treatment: How to Control Hypoglycemia

A good low blood sugar treatment plan is very important for people who are susceptible to sudden drops in glucose levels. An unusually low blood sugar level (here is a blood sugar levels chart) is a medical condition known as hypoglycemia. Diabetes is the most common cause of hypoglycemia. However, according to Mayo Clinic, in rare instances, it can be a symptom of a more serious condition.

A person experiencing hypoglycemia may feel weak or lightheaded. Other hypoglycemia signs include sweating, nervousness, anxiety, hunger, confusion, or hunger. It is very important to get treatment as soon as hypoglycemia signs and symptoms appear. If left untreated, this condition can become progressively worse, leading to unconsciousness. People who at risk for this condition, should always have some form of treatment with them at all times.

Diet for Hypoglycemia

The proper diet for hypoglycemia treatment and prevention can vary from one person to another. Each person has a unique biochemical make up. As a result, the diet for a person with this condition should match a person’s individual needs. However, there are some general dietary recommendations for hypoglycemia management. In her book The Do’s and Don’ts of Hypoglycemia (Fell, Frederick Publishers, Incorporated, October 2003), Roberta Ruggiero recommends eating six small meals a day.

It is important for people with hypoglycemia to pay attention to the way their body responds to various foods. They should keep a written log of all foods, beverages, and medications that they consume daily. Make notations about any reactions to certain foods. Stop eating foods that seem to bring on signs of hypoglycemia, and see if removing these foods from the diet make a difference.

Avoid foods and substances that are known cause hypoglycemia in some people. This includes caffeine, sugar, white flour, alcohol, and tobacco. Instead, eat poultry with the skin removed, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, and certain fruits. Choosing fruits to eat may require some experimentation, since the natural sugar in some fruits may cause a reaction in some people with hypoglycemia.

Cycle of Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia Management

The American Diabetes Association recommends the frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels for diabetics and others who are at risk for hypoglycemia. This is an important part of a hypoglycemia management plan. Patients should consult their doctors about how often these levels should be checked and what is considered to be within the normal range. This will help determine how the symptoms should be managed.

Anyone who is at risk for hypoglycemia should be prepared for a sudden drop in blood sugar levels at any time. Glucose tablets, fruit juice, and hard candy can be used as a low blood sugar treatment. Get advice from a doctor on which foods and snacks to carry around in case of an occurrence of hypoglycemia.

Travel Hacks

Best San Francisco Travel Apps Include City Walks, Eats, Wine

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and you’re planning on a visit to San Francisco, then you’ve a wealth of travel apps to choose from. Apps may not replace guidebooks, and you will probably still want a printed guide too, but apps can do things that guidebooks can’t do. They can provide in-depth coverage of special interests, like San Francisco for Families, a Wine Lover’s Guide, and one aimed primarily at photographers, and it’s also easier to keep an app up-to-date than it is a printed guide. For the price of one printed guidebook, you could buy most of the San Francisco travel apps listed below.

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Cheap Eats in San Francisco

San Francisco has some of the best restaurants in California, but not everyone has the budget to be able to afford them. This cheap $0.99 app reviews dozens of the city’s best budget eating options, is searchable by district or type of cuisine, will find the ones closest to you, and tell you how to get to them using GPS technology.

San Francisco Exploration Guide

Over 2000 photos illustrate this guide to San Francisco’s main attractions, written by two San Francisco residents. It covers the must-see sights like Alcatraz, Chinatown, and Golden Gate Park, but also some of the authors’ favorite and lesser-known places, such as the city’s oldest brewery and the world’s premier custom corsetiere!

San Francisco Families

Author Michele Bigley is a San Francisco mom herself, and here she covers visiting San Francisco with kids. She lists the best family-friendly eating places, where the playgrounds are, the best rainy-day activities, and even where to find bathrooms with changing tables – your smartphone and app will tell you how to get right to them!

San Francisco Restaurants

San Francisco has about 3500 restaurants, and for 99 cents this app will guide you to the best of them. Not necessarily the most expensive, but it will help you avoid the tourist traps, and you can search by district or by cuisine, see photos and reviews of the restaurants, check where they are and how to get there, and call to make a reservation.

San Francisco Stairways

This is the kind of specialist subject that is hard to do in printed form, not least because the cost of color photography would be prohibitive. Enter the app. This cheap app by a San Francisco writer covers 49 of the city’s public staircases, which are of interest whether you admire the architecture, or just want to take some short cuts. You can find the staircases that lead to the best views, ones that take you to city gardens, search by neighborhood, and all the other typical app features.

San Francisco Travel Photo Guide

They always say that if you want to discover the best views of a place, check out the local picture postcards. For San Francisco, one of the most photogenic cities in the world, you need to check out this $1.99 app. Local resident and award-winning photographer Lee Foster has chosen 500 of his photos to illustrate the 100 best views in the city. This app not only helps you decide which views you want to see and to take photos of for yourself, but how to get to them, which are best at different times of day, and so on. If pushed for time, the city’s 10 Best Views are listed.

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Wine Lover’s Guide

Author Kim Westerman knows her wine as she has her Level 1 Sommelier’s certificate, and as she also lives in Berkeley and drinks wine every day, you’d expect her app to be good. It covers the best places in San Francisco to drink wine, whether it be at one of the top end restaurants with a great wine list, or a tiny wine bar which dishes up atmosphere and a bargain. There are tips on happy hour specials, and on how to get into a restaurant that’s hot and fully-booked, by way of the bar. For a wine lover it’s $1.99 well spent.

San Francisco’s Chinatown

From picturesque passageways to the best dim sum, and from family-friendly ideas for Chinatown to the district’s nightclubs, this app tells you where they are, what they are, when they’re open, what they cost, shows you what they look like, and provides phone numbers and website links too.

San Francisco’s North Beach and Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is on every visitor’s list, and nearby North Beach is where you’ll find Little Italy. This app explores both areas in full – what to see, where to eat, where to shop – with plenty of photos to inspire you, and interactive maps to guide you.

San Francisco 49-Mile Scenic Drive

This drive is a great trip but local author Steve Faber points out that it can be hard to follow as some of the signs are missing in places and directions aren’t always obvious. That’s where an app comes into its own, guiding you on the way using GPS, making sure you don’t get lost. This app also covers the best spots for photos, so you can get ready to stop, the best restaurants on the drive, the hikes you can do at different places, and 15 museums too.

San Francisco City Walks and Walking Tours

This is an incredibly useful travel app for those who enjoy walking tours. The $4.99 app includes 12 different walks around San Francisco, including Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach, Japantown, Gay Life, Nightclubs, Shopping, and Architecture. Each walk has its own map with directions, a separate page of written directions, an estimate of the time it will take, and descriptions and photos of the sights along the way. A ‘Find Me’ feature pinpoints your own location on the map, and highlights your movement, so you always know where you are and where you’re headed.

Combining traditional guidebook features with GPS technology, Google mapping, the ability to display lots of photographs, and inexpensive pricing are all reasons why travel apps are taking off. As Conde Nast Traveler continually votes San Francisco their favorite US city to visit, it’s hardly surprising there are so many good San Francisco travel apps.


Which Treatments Work Best To Fight Obesity?

There is recognized to be overlap between obesity and different forms of eating disorders, including binge-eating, anorexia and bulimia. Despite the fact that obesity is not labelled as an eating disorder, it is clear that symptoms and underlying factors as well as maintenance factors are often similar.

Self-Help For Treating Obesity in Men

Male sufferers of obesity who do not have access to or do not wish to seek professional support may benefit from a variety of self-help approaches. Regular exercise will help the body speed up weight distribution when combined with a healthy, balanced diet. Cutting out take-aways, reducing alcohol consumption and simple strategies such as walking up stairs rather than using the elevator will all make a difference.

There are also many forms of 12-step support groups available and Over-Eaters Anonymous (OA) may be a valuable source of support particularly for those who engage in binge-eating behaviors in addition to suffering from obesity. Within the 12-step approach, one will usually pair up with a sponsor or mentor who is further down the road in recovery and will help one understand how the 12 steps work and act as a support for a period of time.

In the early stages where the individual may struggle with weight-bearing forms of exercise alternatives such as swimming may be a good place to start.

Psychological Treatments For Males Suffering From Obesity

For men who feel they would benefit from having some professional help and support to change there are several different options in terms of psychological approaches to treatment. Three different therapeutic methods have been identified as beneficial for those affected by obesity including cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational enhancement therapy and interpersonal therapy.

These therapies will usually involve one to one therapy sessions on a weekly basis for approximately 50 minutes often over a set period of time. Cognitive behavioral therapy, often referred to as CBT, focuses on how thoughts and feelings impact behavior while interpersonal therapy is more aimed at skills used to improve one’s relationships. Motivational enhancement therapy or MET is used as an additional approach and is recognized as key factor in helping sufferers to both achieve and maintain recovery goals.

Medical Approaches To Treating Obesity in Men

Ideally, alternatives to medical approaches to obesity treatment such as self-help tools and therapeutic interventions should be tried prior to opting for this approach, although this is often not the case. Examples of medical approaches involved in treating obesity include the following: medication used to prevent fat absorption, medication to suppress appetite, gastric band and stomach bypass. If you don’t want to go down this route, you can try products like Gynexol, Garcinia, and Hydroxycut to see if these work for you.

However, these treatments all involve an element of risk, thus requiring careful monitoring and especially in the case of surgical interventions should not be entered into lightly.

Clearly there are a variety of options available to those struggling with obesity and/or binge-eating disorders. For information on additional therapies, medical interventions and especially prior to embarking on a weight loss program it is advisable to seek medical advice.


Frances Ford Coppola on The View

The co-hosts of The View discussed hot topics such as the Tony Awards, twitter, romantic date nights, and schools paying students for good grades before interviewing Frances Ford Coppola.

The women of The View talked about multiple hot topics and interviewed the director of The Godfather, Frances Ford Coppola.

Hot Topics

Whoopi Goldberg announced that North Korea sentenced Laura Ling and Euna Lee to twelve years of hard labor for hostility toward Korean people. Euna Lee has a four year old daughter. The women agreed that they may be used as a bargaining tool with the United States. Joy Behar said that she was shocked by the sentencing.

The View co-hosts discussed the Tony Awards that were hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Billy Elliot won ten Tony awards. Joy said that she wants to see Next to Normal after watching Alice Ripley’s performance at the Tony Awards.

Sherri Shepherd announced that she got herself into some trouble from twittering. She reported that she tweets about what she eats, and she is working with a trainer and nutritionist to get into shape to wear a bathing suit on The View. Sherri tweeted about the fried calamari and buffalo wings she ate and realized that her nutritionist follows her on twitter.

According to the co-hosts of The View, women are complaining to their partners about making time for date nights after President Obama took Michelle out for a date night. Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that couples have to set aside romantic date nights to continue to have a strong relationship. She suggested that couples try easy, cheap date ideas.

According to The View, some schools in New York are paying students for good grades, and it increased the students’ grades by forty percent. This idea was started by an economist who graduated from Harvard. Elisabeth said that it would be nice if they put some of the money toward college financial aid or charity. One of the co-hosts wondered if it would create unhealthy competition, and Elisabeth said that they will be subjected to intense competition when they’re adults and attempting to find a job.

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Frances Ford Coppola Interviewed

The co-hosts of The View interviewed Frances Ford Coppola, director of The Godfather. He said that he probably has some genius but no talent and the women disagreed. Mr. Coppola said that he didn’t think The Godfather would be successful, and the studio didn’t want to cast the actors that he wanted such as Al Pacino. The women asked him about his opinion of The Sopranos, and he reported that he had never seen it.

This episode of The View featured hot topics and an interview with Frances Ford Coppola.


How Do Muscles Contract? Specialized Proteins in Muscles Do the Work that Leads to Contraction

Everyone knows that when muscles contract they generate force. You know this because you use your muscles to do work of various kinds. You know this because you can see your muscles rippling when you do something particularly strenuous. Did you know this happens because of the work being done inside the muscle by two very specialized proteins?

Actin and Myosin

Skeletal, or voluntary, muscle is an unusual tissue. First, individual muscle fibers (myofibers) are made from a number of precursor cells that decide to fuse together and make a single very large cell. Second, these myofibers are filled almost completely by a series of thin and thick filaments each of which is composed largely of a single specialized protein. For thin filaments the protein is known as actin and for thick filaments the protein is known as myosin.

How Do Thick and Thin Filaments Work?

The myosin molecule is a member of a family of proteins known as “motor proteins”. That is they can generate actual physical movement as a result of an energy using process. In the thick filament, many molecules of myosin are wrapped around each other to make a rod-like structure. Importantly, these myosin containing rods have the “head” of the myosin molecules sticking out along their side. The thin filaments are made up of many molecules of actin tightly associated together. The myosin head group can stick to the actin thin filaments and when energy is released by myosin consuming an ATP molecule (the universal energy fuel of all cells), the myosin head groups can actually pull against the thin filament to which they have stuck and force it to move by.

The Contraction Cycle

Other signals inside of the muscle cell are very important to the activation and regulation of the contraction process. When the signal is received for muscle to contract, the calcium ion plays a critical role. Calcium levels rise in the cell cytoplasm and this tells specific regulator proteins to let myosin thick filaments to stick to actin-containing thin filaments. The myosin head groups split ATP, they force the actin filaments by and then they relax and let go of the thin filaments. Calcium inside of the cytoplasm is sequestered inside specialized storage depots and the process ends.

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How Can These Sliding Filaments Do Work?

Obviously, if the thick and thin filaments were simply “floating around” inside of the muscle fibers not much work would get done. The sliding of these filaments past one another generates force because they are fixed at their ends and are attached to the other structures inside of the myofibers in a highly organized fashion. They are so organized, in fact, that if you look at skeletal muscle in the microscope, it has a striped or “striated” appearance. When contraction occurs, the complete “contractile apparatus” within an individual myofiber gets shorter and the muscle can generate force.

For a wonderful animation of the contraction process view the movie online provided by San Diego State University College of Sciences.


Saving a Document in Writer: Comparing Writer to Microsoft Word’s Writer can create the same documents commonly created in Microsoft Word. Once created, those documents should be saved if intended for future use. Saving a document in Writer is very similar to Word and has the same considerations.

Ways to Save a Document

  • From the main menu, click File > Save or click File > Save As
  • Click Save button (looks like a floppy disk) on Standard toolbar
  • Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S to Save or Ctrl + Shift + S for Save As

Just as in Word, if a document is new and has never been saved, the Save As dialog box will appear the first time only. The Save As dialog box has the same considerations in Writer and Word: Location, File Name and File Type.

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Location (Save in)

Deciding where to save a document is very important. Saving to a location that is meaningful and intuitive will save time later when trying to find the document later. Writer offers a default location to save documents, which can be changed. To choose another location to save the document, click the down-pointing triangle to the right of the Save in list box. This displays a list of choices. Click the drive and folder(s) where the document is to be saved.

File Name

Naming a file is important as well. The document should be given a meaningful name that reveals the content. Just calling a document “My Stuff” is not very helpful.

File Type (save as Type)

In what file format should this document be saved? Writer has its own default file format with the file extension .odt. When a document is saved in this file format it can be read by anyone that uses OpenOffice Writer, however, it cannot be opened by anyone using Microsoft Word. The file type can be changed by clicking on the down-pointing arrow to the right of the save as type list box then selecting the desired type. This way, a document created in Writer can be shared with those who have Word but not Writer.

If the document is to only be shared with a Word user and then discarded, only save in Word format. For files that need future edits, it is recommended that the document be first saved in Writer (.odt) format so that there is an original file to return to. A document can be muddied up if switching back and forth between file types, so it is always good practice to keep the original document in Writer format.

Before clicking the save button, consider the check boxes at the bottom of the dialog.

  • Automatic file extension – is helpful for this box to be checked as it will identify the individual files as OpenOffice documents when searching My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  • Save with password – only available when saving a document in Writer format. Password must be a minimum of five characters. Be careful! If this password is lost it is really lost!

If preferred, could also set up the document to be automatically saved

From the main menu select Tools > Options. The Options window will appear.

Select Load/Save > General

Click on Save AutoRecovery information every – then choose the amount of time to automatically save the document (default is 30 minutes).


Using Video Resumes: How to Make a YouTube Resume

While video technology is hardly new, it is not commonly used to vet prospective job applicants. Some companies may refuse to view video resumes – probably because they fear it may end up being a legal minefield. Others businesses may just be unsure about what to do about them. Still, it can be a powerful selling tool for the right company.

Videos Show, Don’t Just Tell.

Some attributes just don’t carry across very well in a cover letter. Anyone can say s/he is a “people person”, but showing it is so much better. Then there are things that just have to be seen, or heard – art pieces, musical ability, a prototype or invention, even the right “phone voice” or sales pitch. Sometimes, a story or change of scenery makes a compelling case for a prospective job applicant.

The flip side of this is that videos provide tell-tale information about factors such as sex, race, age, and disability which are prohibited from being considered during the hiring process. Videos also provide information about things which are not protected from discrimination – looks, voice, weight, etc. – but which may hamper an effective job search. True, all this information will come out during a face-to-face interview. But at least the interview after traditional resumes have been vetted in a less biased sort of way and only qualified applicants remain.

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Scripting Matters.

There are no “errs”, “umms”, or slips of the tongue in a regular cover letter and resume… at least, one hopes not. But these awkward sounds can easily slip into a conversation with a camera. Traditional resumes can be written, edited, redrafted, and proofed by others. A similar amount of vetting is appropriate for a video resume: applicants should script the content of the video and practice it several times before pressing the record button. “Scenes” should be reshot if necessary, and the final product should be edited as appropriate.

Content is King.

Some people view multimedia as an outlet to go wild. Wrong. Prospective employees need to highlight their accomplishments just like they would in a written resume… except with the potential addition of brief testimonials (“John is one of the best students I’ve ever had”) or vignettes (“as sales manager at XYZ I achieved a volume of ABC. The key to my success was always putting the customer first. For instance, one day…” Then on to the next thing).

Production Value Counts.

Things look different on camera than they do in real life. The type and amount of lighting, make up, sound, even clothing might look appropriate in a face-to-face interaction, but may not necessarily work in a video. Too many videos are produced by the people that are in them, and it shows. Take the time to learn about things like lighting, pondering where and how to mount the camera, etc. – or hire someone to do it.

Time is of the Essence.

Most employers glance at resumes and cover letters for mere seconds. A video resume is sure to peek interest for longer than that – but prospective employees should not push it. If no guidelines are provided, keep videos between 90 seconds and 3 minutes.

The Bottom Line.

Should a prospective employee send out a video resume. The answer is a definite… maybe.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t make a video resume just because. Make sure that the video format has something to add that just can’t be done with a normal paper resume.
  • Ask before sending. No point in sending a resume that is going to be tossed, or in doing a 30-minute video when the hiring body will only sit still for two.
  • Do it right or don’t do it at all. Good lighting, polished script, and seamless editing are musts. Anything else says the interviewee is not professional.
  • Have a neutral third party review the video before sending it off.
  • Make sure there aren’t things that prospective employers SHOULDN’T see online. More than one applicant’s prospects have been destroyed by an inappropriate YouTube video.

UCLA Dentist

High Quality Dental Services In The UCLA Area

UCLA Area Dentistry

Los Angeles offers a wide array of dental clinics and services. From teeth cleaning to root canals, you are always guaranteed timely and professional dental services. If you reside in the UCLA area, a UCLA dentist can meet your needs within time and budget. With years of extensive industry experience, they offer a range of dental procedures for your convenience. This includes dental implants, dental veneers, and teeth whitening. They also specialize in porcelain dental crowns, dental bonding, and tooth and gum reshaping. For patients, this is the perfect way to restore your teeth’s natural shine and vibrancy. It also enables you to be more confident, while you dazzle your family and friends with the perfect smile.

A UCLA dentist is available for dental emergencies and mishaps as well. Whether it’s a chipped or partially broken tooth, they offer state-of-the-art dental equipment and services. With personalized services, UCLA dentists perform an array of treatments on a daily basis. As fully certified and professional specialists, they also ensure the utmost professionalism and comfort. This includes painless treatments with true precision, along with cosmetic dental procedures and dental maintenance. Dentists in UCLA also offer oral and hygiene tips to secure lasting results. From proper brushing techniques to floss and plaque removal, they truly care about your dental health.

A UCLA dentist also specializes in safe and preventative dental measures. Whether it’s cavity reduction or enamel protection, they can show you how to properly maintain your teeth. Several area dentists are also part of the prestigious USC School of Dentistry, which is a well-respected and world-renowned institution. From cosmetic to general dentistry procedures, these clinical professors teach all the latest dental techniques and applications. For a UCLA student dentist, this is the perfect way to learn and apply your trade. It also allows you to learn from the best, while they help shape and map out your dental career.

A UCLA student dentist may also receive intricate on the job training. Whether it’s dental assistance, general dentistry, or orthodontics, this is the perfect way to receive training and supervision from industry experts. So whether you need dental services, or want to pursue a career in dentistry, UCLA dentists can facilitate all your needs in a timely and professional manner.

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U.S. FDA Asks Physicians to Report Improper Drug Advertisements

Prior to 1997 in the USA, prescription medication advertising was limited to professional journals, conference display booths and face-to-face visits by sales people to dispensing pharmacists and medical professionals in their offices or clinics. Today, nearly ubiquitous advertising for any of a number of prescription drugs occurs on television, radio and in the print media through what is known as “direct-to-consumer” (DTC) marketing. Yet, vastly more marketing dollars are still spent on targeting healthcare professionals directly. On May 11, 2010, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked medical providers to help them to police drug marketing, in what is being called the “Bad Ad” program.

Who Oversees Drug Advertising in the USA?

In the United States, oversight of all prescription medications that are brought to market is the responsibility of the FDA. More specifically, at the FDA, the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), which examines and evaluates all prescription medications, regulates all drug advertising through its Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communications (DDMAC). The DDMAC is responsible for surveillance of all drug marketing material to make certain that neither false nor misleading claims are made for a given pharmaceutical.

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What is the “Bad Ad” Program?

With the growth of DTC drug marketing, advertisements targeting the public have been under increasing regulatory scrutiny. This is apparent in television commercials and other advertising, for example, where the drug marketer must list possible side effects in clear language. Yet, outside of the public marketing campaigns, the DDMAC does not have the ability itself to hear how a given pharmaceutical product is presented to a medical professional. With the advent of the “Bad Ad” program, FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg has asked medical professionals to report directly to the agency any instance of false or misleading claims regarding the marketing of a drug. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the primary US trade group representing a large number of pharmaceutical companies, issued a statement supporting the FDA program.

The Marketing of Prescription Medication

Only the United States and New Zealand allow direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising of prescription medications. And, not surprisingly, strong opinions, both for and against, abound on whether or not this practice should be allowed. Lest it be forgotten, the marketing of a product, by any manufacturer of any product, not simply pharmaceuticals, is a means to sell more of that particular product. As is often the case, but certainly when it comes to something as important as prescription medication, reasoned, informed decision making is important for the consumer. Whenever new medication is warranted for a patient, a detailed, open discussion with their healthcare provider is the highest order of the day. A consumer should never be afraid to ask their healthcare provider questions about their medications.


Heartworm Medications for Cats

In recent years, the veterinary profession has come to realize that heartworm infection is a disease which can plague cats as well as dogs. The incidence of feline heartworm disease within a given area is difficult to measure because of the difficulty surrounding diagnosing heartworm disease in cats. However, current estimates are that cases of heartworm disease in cats within a given locale probably number 10-20% of the total number of dogs infected.

Fortunately, heartworm disease in cats is fairly easy to prevent and there are many products which are used as heartworm preventive medications in cats. These products include:

  • Heartgard Plus for cats
  • Interceptor for cats
  • Revolution for cats
  • Advantage Multi for cats

Heartgard Plus Heartworm Medicine for Cats

Heartgard Plus heartworm medication for cats contains ivermectin and pyrantel as the active ingredients. Ivermectin is very effective in preventing heartworm infections, while pyrantel is effective in controlling intestinal parasites such as roundworms and hookworms. Therefore, Heartgard Plus medication for cats not only prevents heartworms but helps to control roundworms and hookworms as well.

Heartgard Plus is available in a chewable tablet which should be administered monthly. Heartgard Plus can be administered to kittens as young as 6 weeks of age.

Interceptor Heartworm Medication for Cats

Interceptor for cats contains milbemycin oxime as the active ingredient. Like Heartgard Plus, Interceptor prevents heartworms in cats and helps control roundworms and hookworms as well. Interceptor heartworm medication for cats is a flavored chewable tablet which should be administered monthly year round. Interceptor is safe for kittens 6 weeks of age or older as long as the kitten weighs more than 1.5 pounds.

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Revolution Heartworm Medicine for Cats

Revolution is also used monthly to control heartworms in cats. However, in contrast to Heartgard Plus and Interceptor which must be given orally, Revolution is a topical medication which is applied to the skin on the back of the neck or between the shoulder blades.

Revolution contains selamectin which is effective in controlling a number of different feline parasites, including:

  • heartworms
  • fleas
  • ear mites
  • roundworms
  • hookworms

Revolution may be used for kittens eight weeks of age or older. However, the manufacturer advises to use caution when administering to sick, debilitated or underweight cats.

Advantage Multi Heartworm Medication for Cats

Advantage Multi resembles Revolution in that it is a topical medication which is applied to the skin of a cat. Advantage Multi should be administered monthly, much like the other heartworm medications. Advantage Multi can be used on kittens 9 weeks of age or older, but the kitten must weigh at least 2 pounds to be a candidate for Advantage Multi administration.

Like Revolution, Advantage Multi is effective in preventing or treating several parasitic feline infections, including:

  • heartworms
  • roundworms
  • hookworms
  • ear mites
  • fleas

Choosing the Appropriate Heartworm Medication for a Cat

Cat owners have a variety of choices in heartworm medicines. For some, the convenience of a chewable flavored heartworm tablet may be preferable, while for others getting the cat to take a pill may be difficult and a topical heartworm medicine may be a better choice. Deciding what other parasites need to be dealt with can also help decide which medication is most appropriate. For many cat owners, the convenience of having a heartworm medication which also prevents fleas is appreciated.

As with any other medications, heartworm medications should always be used according to label directions. If there are doubts or questions regarding how to administer the medication, a veterinarian should be consulted.

Search Engine

Getting Free Traffic to Your Website With Online Forums

Forums are one of the most visited sites on the internet. Their popularity is a result of their niche focus and quality educative posts. People don’t just visit forums, they visit them to learn, interact with like minded people and to promote their ideas and products. If you have a website, forums can increase organic traffic to your site with just a little effort. To make the most out of forums, you need to get a few things right.

You must join the correct forums. A process of identifying relevant forums must precede any other activity. Your website is the key indicator of where your traffic should come from. If your website is an online store for beauty products, you must target forums that have to do with ladies, beauty, fashion, skin diseases, professional women and so forth. This is about driving quality traffic to your site and you must be very careful on the forums you target.

The way you present yourself is very important. Make sure you register your details giving all indications about your kind of business. Create a good profile with a keyword signature and a link if the forums allows. A thumbnail picture of your site may be appropriate here. It helps the visitors get a picture of what you are promoting and some of them may as well just want to go ahead and visit your site without getting more details.

Contributing to the debate is the best part of forums for marketers. The quality and frequency of your contribution determines how much traffic you drive to your site. Most forum visitors follow threads that seem related to their interest. They will also follow threads that have quality and enlightening discussions. For you to drive traffic through your content, don’t just contribute to threads; do some research to know what is current and relevant. Also make sure you regularly update your posts, threads can sometimes get very long and you need to have several in the thread. Some people reply to one thread and hope that traffic will flow to their site forever. Forums are discussion sites and you must take them as such. The more you contribute, the more popular you become and the more you get noticed. Traffic comes from visitors who find your posts on the forums. If you are not a regular contributor, you will hardly be noticed and there will be little or no traffic to your site.

Register and participate in as many forums as possible. There are thousands of forums available on any given topic. All you need to do is to search for all those that have potential to give you traffic and you begin to participate in the debate.

Besides their heavy traffic potential, most forums are free to join and participate and this makes them an easy and free source of traffic. However it is only for those who can commit to regular participation.


Alphabet Toys for Toddlers: Educational Activities that Teach the ABCs

If parents want to encourage young children to learn the alphabet, perhaps the best way to get them to learn is through the use of toys and interactive activities. Gentle and fun exposure to educational toys will promote literacy concepts, such as letter recognition and letter sound relationships. Here are top toy recommendations for teaching children the ABCs in a way that will having them learning without even realizing it.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set

Leapfrog has created a fun, dynamic toy that teaches children to recite the alphabet, the letter names, and the letter-sound relationship through the use of song. All pieces are magnetic and hang conveniently out of the way on the refrigerator. The toy comes with a base and 26 capital letters. An expansion pack of lower case letters can be purchased to compliment the set. Additionally, the letters can be used in other Fridge Phonics Sets.

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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle

Melissa & Doug, well-known for making durable toys of quality, put out this 10 foot long train floor puzzle. Made of thick cardboard, 20% thicker than other common cardboard puzzles, it wipes clean as easy for children to manipulate. The puzzle features both capital and lower case letters, and added bonus for children learning the complete alphabet. There are two noted concerns about this puzzle – regarding the letter U and X cars. All other letter train cars feature an animal that begins with the letter, except for “umbrella” and “fox.” The discrepancy may confuse some children.

Hooked on Phonics The Ratini Brother’s Alphabet Circus Game

This bean bag toss game adapts easily to different learning abilities. Children just beginning to learn the alphabet can play along with those who are learning advanced alphabet skills such as word play and rhyme. The game gets children moving and harnesses the energy of a young child so that they can focus. The game comes with a floor mat, three bean bags, and 52 activity cards.

Here Come the ABCs

Though not a toy, indy-pop music band has created a fabulous music CD/DVD called Here Come the ABCs. This fun and creative album teaches many alphabet concepts and the companion DVD stands on as a unique, animated educational tool. +

These top alphabet toys geared for approximately three to six year olds will provide children with a fun way to learn. Each toy focuses on a different learning style, and parents can pick the toy that best matches their child’s interests and abilities.


The Mediterranean Diet Plan Improves Mood: Research Uncovers a Connection Between Diet and Depression

The Mediterranean diet plan may benefit more than just a person’s waist line. This popular diet may also offer protection from depression, according to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry (October 2009). Researchers evaluated the eating habits of 11,000 people in Spain. They found that the participants who followed the Mediterranean diet the closest decreased their risk for depression by 30 percent.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure what the connection is between this particular diet and mental health. However, they think it may be that the Mediterranean diet plan supports the healthy functioning of blood vessels, reduces inflammation, and helps cells heal from oxygen related damage. All of these effects can help reduce the likelihood for depression.

The Mediterranean Diet Menu

According to the American Heart Association, the Mediterranean diet menu consists of large quantities of vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, beans, bread, and potatoes. Many people who are on the Mediterranean diet eat around nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily.Seeds and nuts are also a part of this diet. Red meat, poultry, and fish are eaten in moderation.

The Mediterranean diet menu also includes generous amounts of foods that contain the so called good fats. Monounsaturated fats like olive oil and polyunsaturated fats such as omega-3 fatty acids contained in nuts and fish are examples of essential fats. People who closely follow the Mediterranean diet use olive oil as their main source for fat rather than dairy or animal fats.

Many of the foods on this menu such as fish, nuts, and beans are rich in selenium, a mineral necessary for maintaining good health. This may partially explain the connection between the Mediterranean diet and depression prevention. Multiple studies, including one at Texas Tech University found that selenium supplements can relieve mild to moderate depression. However, it is better to get selenium from foods rather than supplements to avoid a toxic reaction.

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Vitamin D as a Depression Remedy

Foods containing vitamin D are also showing promise as a depression remedy. A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry journal (May 2008), uncovered a possible connection between depression and a vitamin D deficiency. Researchers analyzed 1,282 seniors for depression. The participants were between the ages of 65 and 95.

Researchers found that more than a third of the depressed men and more than half of the depressed women had vitamin D deficiencies. This leads researchers to theorize that some forms of depression can be treated by eating more foods containing more vitamin D and by increasing sun exposure. The recommended daily intake for vitamin D is 600 IU.


Finding a New Doctor: The Switch From Pediatricians to Adult Docs

For young adults, transitioning from seeing their pediatrician to finding an adult doctor can be a difficult task. Forced to navigate through a sea (or a barren desert) of referrals, Yellow Pages and Internet searches, the question looms: “How do I find a good doctor?

Finding a Doctor

The first key is to evaluate what type of doctor you need. A doctor of internal medicine (“internist”) is an adult equivalent of a pediatrician. He or she should be your go-to for most common illnesses, afflictions or check-ups. An internist should also help to refer you to specialists.

The reality of modern medicine, however, is that internists are growing scarcer. Cite what you will — overwork, crowded offices and/or hospitals, uncooperative insurance or medical companies – but internists don’t look after patients the way they used to. While some relatively healthy men and women may be happy with their internists, those with special concerns (seemingly the majority) are often bypassing internists and relying on specialists instead.

To find either an internist or specialist, ask any of your former doctors for referrals. Ask friends and family. If you get a name but aren’t sure the doctor is right for you (wrong specialty or location), you can even telephone their office, explain your situation and see if they have another doctor’s name instead.

Meeting with a new doctor doesn’t mean you have to stick with him or her. If you dislike their approach or disagree with their evaluation, don’t “tough it out” to see if things get better. Giving someone a “fair shot” is one thing, but you do not owe anything to the doctor beyond showing up for the appointment on time. You should feel comfortable discussing any concerns with your doctor.

You have the option of switching to another doctor within the same office, or another office and/or hospital entirely.

What to Do

So you’ve found a doctor – hooray! But the transition isn’t yet complete. It’ll take awhile for a new doctor to really get to know you, but here are a few things to keep in mind as you take your health into your own hands:

  • You should receive a confirmation call (or letter) regarding your appointment. If you do not, inquire.
  • Start building your own medical file. Get a notebook and write down every time you have an appointment – the date, doctor’s name and the reason. In this file, keep copies of all test results. Young people tend to move locations a lot, and this will not only jog your own memory, but it is imperative for a new doctor to see what you’ve been through.
  • Also save all receipts, including prescriptions and parking. Important for tax reasons: Parking fees as well as transportation (gas mileage) can be written off.
  • Type a list of your medical history to give to any new doctor. Make sure you go through it step by step with him or her (don’t let the office simply stick it into their file.)
  • Speak up about any tests you know you need. A new doctor has known you only several months, you’ve known yourself your entire life.
  • Establish with your doctor the best way to reach him or her. Options include calling the office, voice-messaging or e-mail. Discuss the approximate amount of time in which to expect a reply.
  • Finally, make sure you bring a list of any medications being taken along with your medical history and ask questions on the spot, before the doctor leaves the office.

Who knew choosing a doctor is so easy, but you know what isn’t easy, choosing the right supplement plan for Medicare. We aren’t going to get into the details here but we will definitely do that in the next post or two, so stick around, in the meantime if you want to read more, check out a post called how to choose the best Medicare supplement plans 2018.

Good Health!


Improve Wireless Internet Connection Speed: Slow Connectivity to the Internet? Troubleshoot Issues and Fix Lag

Laptop wireless Internet connections are less reliable than hardwired systems. If the user has a wireless network in the home, sometimes the system slows, random disconnects occur and game play is interrupted. There are some troubleshooting steps that can be taken to improve a laptop’s wireless Internet connection speed when problems arise.

Purchase a Router with a Hi-Gain Antenna

There are two kinds of wireless router antennas: omni-directional and hi-gain. An omni-directional antenna is installed in most common household routers. These antennas broadcast signals in all directions, so a router placed in the corner of a room loses some of its signal strength when it’s focused in one area of the home.

An omni-directional router focuses the signal in one direction, so there is less loss of signal strength. Purchase a corner router with a hi-gain antenna to improve signal strength.

Install a Wireless Repeater

For large houses or offices, a wireless repeater improves the strength of a signal to each computer. A repeater strengthens a laptop wireless connection when it is placed at the halfway mark between the router and the machine. The repeater takes a signal from the router, increases its strength and retransmits it to other areas of the home or office. This improves the signal so that laptops and other wireless machines on the network do not suffer from slow speeds due to signal degradation.

Avoid Wireless Phones that Use 5.4 GHz Frequency

According to Microsoft, the best wireless frequencies are 5.8 GHz or 900MHz. A frequency is a channel of communication. Similar to a radio station in your car, a frequency channel is used to transmit signals from a router to a laptop. Using common frequencies such as those used for wireless phones can lead to interference and degradation in the signal. Routers come with the ability to change the default channel. Home and office users can change that channel to lower the rate of interference and signal degradation.

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Purchase Router and Network Hardware from a Single Manufacturer

Some local networking companies such as Linksys, D-link and Netgear sell routers and network cards. This makes it easy to connect a small network and avoids some issues. It also improves compatibility by offering boosting capability between the router and the network card. For instance, Linksys offers SpeedBooster, which is the manufacturer’s speed boost for wireless networks that use the company’s technology.

As home networks become more affordable, the option to use wireless technology in the home is more common. The first step is configuring a Linksys router, but afterwards poor connectivity can lead to slowness issues. Use these techniques to speed up the connection of any home or small office network.


Top Luxury Sedans: These top sedans boast luxury and speed.

The Mercedes E350 wins out in the luxury sedan category for three reasons: smooth ride, good price and decent fuel economy. Starting at around $52,000, this ultra-luxurious ride is a good value in its category.

The 268 hp, 3.5-liter, 24-valve V6 engine has great acceleration, suspension and handling. The interior is a study in luxury done right with power everything.

And at an estimated 18 mpg city and 26 mpg highway, the E350 gets pretty good marks for fuel efficiency from such a heavy-feeling wagon.

Want to find out more? In a recent story on Top Five Sport Wagons , the E350 took the No. 2 spot, only behind less expensive and more versatile Saab 9-3 Sport Combi.

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Lexus GS 450h

OK, so fuel economy is big these days, which is why the Lexus GS 450h is No. 2 on this list of luxury sedans. However, for a $55,000 hybrid, you’d like to see this sedan get more than its estimated 25 mpg city and 28 mpg highway.

The 3.5 liter, four cam, 24-valve V6 engine with front electric Lexus hybrid drive certainly isn’t at all like its roaring counterpart, the Lexus GS 430 . The GS 450h engine starts up without a sound and is ultra quiet until you hit speeds around 30 mph. That’s when the car whines and gurgles a bit and then accelerates at lightning speeds as the gas engine kicks in.

The interior styling seems made for a male driver. The leather bucket seats are long and comfortable. The wood-and-leather steering wheel is classic and fashionable. Tons of faux bois on the dashboard and center console also make for a more luxurious feel. But for the ladies, there seems to be something amiss, something soft and feminine and gentle.

Another reason this luxury sedan is at the top of this list is because of its navigation system. Simply put, Lexus (and Toyota) have the best navigation system in the business! The on-screen, push-button controls are super intuitive, easy to use and provide the best turn-by-turn technology to date. At almost $2,000 extra, this navigation system is worth the extra price.

Here’s some notes from the senior perspective:

If you’re a senior looking for a “quiet” drive with lots of power, the Lexus GS 450h has your name on it. I found this car to be one of the best hybrids on the market for its electric, almost non-existent power driven system, to its luxurious interior. Enough can’t be said for this new generation of hybrids so any senior with a solid retirement plan should check these sports cars out for fuel savings and fast driving performance.

Although the Lexus GS 450h has an arching roof line, the interior roof was a bit too low for a tall senior like me. Still, it has lots of leg room for that quiet ride to the market or the mountains.

The bottom line is price vs. fuel savings. This Lexus hybrid gets an estimated 28 mpg highway with a top speed of 131 mph. You’ll need to do the math to find the value, but for a senior that wants luxury, good gas mileage and a quick pick up, the Lexus GS 450h is my choice for the leaner, meaner hybrid machine. – Rev. Joanne Tucker

Jaguar S-Type

The Jaguar S-Type 4.2 is an all-around good pick in the luxury sedan category, especially for female drivers. I mean, there’s just something about this pussy that’s all about feminine charm from the curvy lines on the outside to the sumptuous and stylish interior.

But this wily cat is also all about power. The agile 300 hp, 4.2 liter V-8 engine is helped along by Jaguar’s speed-sensitive steering, double wishbone suspension and dynamic stability control. To put it simply: This ride rocks!

But the little luxuries make the Jaguar S-Type even more special. The ecru leather seats with brown piping and all-electric controls are deliciously comfortable. And the champagne-colored interiors with complementary Madrona wood trim are pleasing to the eye.

Once again, the push-button navigation system is one big reason to buy Jaguar.

The seven-inch, easy-to-use touch screen navigation and audio system leads anyone around town or country with great ease and certainly more peace of mind.

At almost $52,000 ($55,000 with $2,800 navigation system), the Jaguar S-Type is reasonably priced in its category. The fuel efficiency is also within range at an estimated 18 mpg city and 26 mpg highway.

Want more? Read about our recent Jaguar Desert Getaway to Palm Springs.

Here’s some notes from the senior perspective:

On a weekend jaunt to Palm Springs, California, an upscale desert resort town filled with senior retirees, the Jaguar S-Type fit in perfectly with its old-world elegance and a modern, simple-to-use, color-coordinated navigational system. I loved this car’s international flair for comfort with its burled walnut instrument panel and lux leather seats. For any senior that wants to travel in style, the Jaguar S-Type is definitely your kind of car, offering a fine balance between luxury and sports car. And for a good laugh that reminds a senior that the Jag is a made-in-Britian car, the screen shoots a very British statement that says “most functions are inhibited whilst the vehicle is in motion.” And, I still love that cat’s head on the hood for an unmistakable Jag symbol of luxury and performance. – Rev. Joanne Tucker

BMW 550i

If you need speed, there’s only one luxury sedan to buy for you: anything from BMW. And the BMW 550i doesn’t disappoint. So far, this sedan has the best acceleration, speed and handling of the bunch.

But to this comfort queen, speed isn’t everything. Yes, the interior of the 550i is pleasing with its leather, plastic and lots of shiny wood paneling. However, the dash, controls and console seems more robotic and stiff than the others, especially the cozy Jaguar.

In a recent story comparing the Lexus GS 430 vs. BMW 550i , the BMW couldn’t match the Lexus in overall comfort and amenities.

At about $65,000, this modern marvel also has advanced features like a $2,300 sports package, satellite radio, front and rear seat advanced head protection system, rain-sensing windshield wipers, iDrive system and BMW Assist Bluetooth.

Another reason the BMW 550i is at the bottom of the bunch is gas mileage. It gets a paltry estimated 15 mpg city and 23 mpg highway.

Cadillac STS

Cadillac’s super fast STS is the wild card in the top luxury sedans category. Do you want an American muscle car, but don’t want to sacrifice styling and luxury? Then this pimped out Caddy is your car.

The STS starts out at just $41,000, but the model we tested neared $70,000 with all the bells and whistles like a bumping sound and navigation system. For that much money, we’d like to see a bit more styling on the outside. But if you are looking for a muscle car that harkens back to America’s glory days, then the STS will make your heart skip a beat with its chunky grill, hood and side fenders.

The interior of the car we tested was a rapper’s dream come true with a two-tone, black-and-red leather combo and lots of shiny wood on the steering wheel and center console. The wide, comfortable leather seats seemed to make you want to glide your seat back, put on your shades and blast the music with your Bose 5.1 Studio sound and push-button, on-screen audio systems.

The 4.6-liter V8 we tested was lightning quick on acceleration and handled nimbly. The engine roars nicely and makes you feel powerful too.

Here’s some notes from the senior perspective:

From the moment I laid my senior baby blues on the awesome egg-crated shaped grille and vertical stacked headlamps of the blank Cadillac STS, I knew the racy sleek design of this vehicle was a total package of luxury. But when I opened the driver’s door, my eyes further feasted on a very plush black and red interior, complete with cushy leather seats that reminded me of living room lounge chairs.

For any senior who likes Sci-Fi movies, the Cadillac STS is straight out of a James Bond fleck as its technology recognizes and remembers your own personal seat preferences, which any senior should adore, and responds to your voice commands. And the all-around sound system is amazing!

This car’s trunk has enough space for lots of luggage for long-range trips, and for those golf-loving seniors, you can add a set of golf clubs And with the STS’s comfortable and quiet ride, it makes a wonderful touring car for those seniors who love to travel cross-country or for a relaxing get-away golf and spa weekend. With a price tag of around $42,000, the STS provides good value for a comfortable ride for a senior who loves to travel in luxury. – Rev. Joanne Tucker


Buying Organic Cotton Clothes, Bedding, Towels: Are Organic Textiles Important, Or are They Just a “Green” Thing?

The cotton symbol is often perceived as a wholesome symbol. After all, what could be more natural and good than to wear soft cotton clothes? But there is a side of the cotton industry that many people are not aware of.

Growing Cotton With The Help Of Toxic Chemicals- Not An Eco Friendly Situation

The problem starts with industrialized farms mass producing a few varieties of cotton(though hundreds exist). Variety is important because each variety has its own weakness and if only one kind is grown and disease strikes or pests invade, the whole crop is lost. Farmers attempt to prevent such a loss by heavily treating crops with dangerous, cancer causing chemicals in an effort to keep pests and disease at bay. The resulting product is cotton saturated with pesticides, herbicide, fungicides, and the like. To illustrate just how heavily treated cotton crops are, consider this: Cotton crops take up only 2.4% of the world’s agricultural acreage, but use 25% of the world’s pesticides. This cotton eventually becomes clothes, blankets, and household items. And the cotton oil is often used in potato chips,crackers, and other processed foods. Raw cotton seed is often fed to livestock, affecting people indirectly who eat meat and dairy products. Then, there is the issue of direct pollution to the environment, especially since many of these chemicals are sprayed on the crops aerially. Also, farm workers (sometimes women and even children) often have health problems, as they are exposed to these chemicals excessively.

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More Chemicals Added Before Clothes Make It To The Rack- Baby Clothes No Exception

Cotton clothing often has various chemicals applied to it during production, each having its own purpose. For instance, formaldehyde is often applied to clothing that has to be shipped long distances as a mildew preventative. And an array of additional chemicals can be added during the process of clothing manufacturing to accomplish things such as shrink reduction, fire proofing, and wrinkle reduction. These chemicals can potentially cause health problems to the person wearing the affected clothing.

To Buy Organic Clothing, or Not

The consumer who chooses to buy organic cotton clothing need not worry about their clothing affecting their health in an adverse way. Organically grown cotton is not treated with dangerous pesticides and herbicides. The organic farmer implements natural disease and pest control methods such as crop rotation, mulching, weeding by hand, and using beneficial insects and plants to combat crop pests.

Making Your Clothes As Clean and Healthy as Possible

If you purchase clothes or bedding that is not organic, it is very important to wash them thoroughly before using. suggests soaking affected merchandise overnight in a tub of water containing the following mixture to reduce chemical residues and smells: 1/2 to 1 cup vinegar, 1/2 – 1 cup pickling salt, 1/4 – l cup baking soda.

Affordable, Natural, Cotton Organic Clothing

Organic clothing is often sold at high prices. However, there are some retailers that sell at more affordable prices than others. actually has a pretty extensive inventory of organic merchandise. Price comparison websites, such as , let you choose the lowest price of the particular organic item you are looking for. Also, some of your local stores may carry organic choices- for instance Target carries organic sheets. When you buy organic merchandise that is offered for a fair price, you are sending the message that there is a demand for it. And if you don’t find affordable organic choices in your favorite store, let the management know you would like to see them stock.