Alphabet Toys for Toddlers: Educational Activities that Teach the ABCs

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If parents want to encourage young children to learn the alphabet, perhaps the best way to get them to learn is through the use of toys and interactive activities. Gentle and fun exposure to educational toys will promote literacy concepts, such as letter recognition and letter sound relationships. Here are top toy recommendations for teaching children the ABCs in a way that will having them learning without even realizing it.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set

Leapfrog has created a fun, dynamic toy that teaches children to recite the alphabet, the letter names, and the letter-sound relationship through the use of song. All pieces are magnetic and hang conveniently out of the way on the refrigerator. The toy comes with a base and 26 capital letters. An expansion pack of lower case letters can be purchased to compliment the set. Additionally, the letters can be used in other Fridge Phonics Sets.

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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle

Melissa & Doug, well-known for making durable toys of quality, put out this 10 foot long train floor puzzle. Made of thick cardboard, 20% thicker than other common cardboard puzzles, it wipes clean as easy for children to manipulate. The puzzle features both capital and lower case letters, and added bonus for children learning the complete alphabet. There are two noted concerns about this puzzle – regarding the letter U and X cars. All other letter train cars feature an animal that begins with the letter, except for “umbrella” and “fox.” The discrepancy may confuse some children.

Hooked on Phonics The Ratini Brother’s Alphabet Circus Game

This bean bag toss game adapts easily to different learning abilities. Children just beginning to learn the alphabet can play along with those who are learning advanced alphabet skills such as word play and rhyme. The game gets children moving and harnesses the energy of a young child so that they can focus. The game comes with a floor mat, three bean bags, and 52 activity cards.

Here Come the ABCs

Though not a toy, indy-pop music band has created a fabulous music CD/DVD called Here Come the ABCs. This fun and creative album teaches many alphabet concepts and the companion DVD stands on as a unique, animated educational tool. +

These top alphabet toys geared for approximately three to six year olds will provide children with a fun way to learn. Each toy focuses on a different learning style, and parents can pick the toy that best matches their child’s interests and abilities.

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